Video: Jamie Glazov Confronts Taqiyya in Omaha

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Watch Frontpage Editor Jamie Glazov‘s showdown with Dr. Naser Z. Alsharif, Director of the Middle East Cultural and Educational Services, over the Muslim Brotherhood’s malicious gambit within the Tri-Faith Initiative. The event was hosted by the Global Faith Institute in Omaha on August 7.

(To read about the Tri-Faith Initiative, click here; to watch Mark Christian discuss the Muslim Brotherhood charade, click here).

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4 thoughts on “Video: Jamie Glazov Confronts Taqiyya in Omaha”

  1. Thank you for fighting the good fight Jamie! I am surprised that this gentleman would be brazen enough to even show his face at an event such as this! I heard the audiences responses during the clip and all of you participating were rather respectful and courteous to him! Please tell me he is not a professor teaching our impressionable young? This seems so very dangerous to me!

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