The Notion of “Sin” in Islam and Christianity — on The Glazov Gang

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This week’s Glazov Gang was guest-hosted by Nonie Darwish and joined by Dr. Jim Tolle, the Senior Pastor at El Camino Metro Church in Los Angeles.

Pastor Tolle joined the show to discuss The Notion of “Sin” in Islam and Christianity, analyzing how the stark contrast in two religions’ values fosters peace and forgiveness in one — and violence and killing in the other:

Don’t miss this week’s second Glazov Gang episode with Samira Tamer, L.A. ACT Chapter Leader, who joined the show to discuss Hijab Rising on Santa Monica’s 3rd. Street Promenade, shedding a disturbing light on Islamic Supremacism’s totalitarian presence on the streets of L.A.:

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3 thoughts on “The Notion of “Sin” in Islam and Christianity — on The Glazov Gang”

  1. Muslims have almost finished taking over the EU or Western Europe and the UK. They don’t have to worry about ISIS. Soon all the Europeans will become Islamic slaves. The women and young girls will be Islamic Sex Slaves. This is the price you pay for supporting terrorists against Israel.

    ISIS working with European Muslims will increase Terrorism in America.

    1. Robin-
      I totally understand where your coming from and your POV. Historically however, and to my way of thinking even worse, is that through the centuries of Muslim expansion the sad fact is that after experiencing dhimmitude many have chosen to adopt Islam rather than continue as a permanent underclass.

      To be sure, there are many exceptions to this.

      From this:

      “On Sunday, May 12, 2013, during the solemn high Mass celebrated in St. Peter’s Square, the 800 Italian martyrs decapitated in 1480 by the Ottomans for refusing to abjure their faith were proclaimed saints.”

      Pope Francis canonized them.
      They faced imminent execution, and between their faith and the courage they took from each other, they chose death before denying the Holy Trinity and the divinity of Jesus, neither of which can be tolerated by Islam.

      The fact remains that to live with no inherent human rights, taxed to little more than abject poverty (the jizya), and to endure with no hope of improving their lot save uttering a simple declarative sentence, many chose to convert.

      I have no doubt that Europe is, to all appearances, done for. The kind of life a citizen in the EU lives has diminished the will to resist and fight and, make no mistake about it, at some time in the future it will require a mighty effort to resist Islam in both the EU and the US.

      I thank God for making Jamie’s (and Nonie’s, and Brigitte’s, and many others) message urgent enough to me personally to study the subject of this civilizational struggle.

  2. Where are the Christian Churches in this horrific situation? Why aren’t they preaching truth about this informing Americans our way of life and freedom are at stake as well as the horrible suffering of non-Americans who are being tortured? I don’t understand!

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