A Cartoon: The Death-Wish of Islam-Denial

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[To see illustrator Luke Kruse’s work, visit artisticlayman.com.]

Frontpage Editor Jamie Glazov and illustrator Luke Kruse have joined forces to depict the taboo truths about the Unholy Alliance between the Left and Islam. Below is their first production:


Don’t miss Frontpage Editor Jamie Glazov discuss his book “United in Hate” and the Left’s romance with Islam below:

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4 thoughts on “A Cartoon: The Death-Wish of Islam-Denial”

  1. You are all fools there is no such thing as Radical or Moderate Islam there is only Islam.

    Many Americans know a “Good Muslim” But they are wrong they know a “Bad Muslim” a Bad Muslim is a human. A “Good Muslim” would be following Sharia Law, killing and raping you. Islam in America is weak once it becomes strong many Bad Muslims will be become Good Muslims. Bill Warner, Center for the Study of Political Islam.

  2. Your cartoon has a major flaw and it is startling to see it. Anyone who looks at the evidence regarding 911 so expertly presented by so many professional Americans with moral integrity can only come to one conclusion and that is that it was an inside job. I am a Christian and I always seek the truth. Study the Pentagon and you will see that no airliner was involved. And that is only the beginning.The evidence screams out at one. Yes, No Muslims flew into the Twin Towers.

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