Jihad Crow in America

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bmFrontpage Interview’s guest today is Nadra Enzi (aka Cap Black), an anti-crime activist, Project 21 member and founder of American Brothers Against Crime. He writes for Change The Game at ctghq.org.

FP: Nadra Enzi, welcome to Frontpage Interview.

I would like to speak to you today about “Jihad Crow” in America, a phenomenon in this nation that involves Arab hatred of and discrimination against American blacks (and American black Muslims) in America.

But before we get to that I would like to talk to you about your background and some of the things you are doing today.

You were once a Muslim, correct? Let’s start with your story.

nadraNadra Enzi

Enzi: I grew up in a United Methodist household, the child of school teachers. Unfortunately, the church in my hometown was still as divided as the public sphere. The black Church I saw was a passive participant in ongoing bias, so Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali spoke to me as representatives of vocal opposition to bias and crime within the black community.

By this time, crack was hitting the inner city and black Muslims were very visible in the war against drug dealers who were making various areas free firing zones during disputes — killing infants, little old ladies and many other innocent lives.

Again, the black Church, liberalized to become an apologist for thugs and little more than a Democrat GOTV (Get Out the Vote) platform, was still largely MIA or worse: making excuses for those I’d call, “chocolate Klansmen” years later. I launched my citizen on patrol and private security activities anxious to ally myself with uncompromised black opponents of inner city crime.

FP: Who are you describing exactly as “chocolate Klansmen” and why?

Enzi: Chocolate Klansmen are the post-crack predators and gangs who kill black (and other) victims with a brutality once considered the province of the classic, violent white supremacist Klan. It’s a way of shocking liberal enablers out of their defense of thugs who’ve destroyed everything that giants like Medgar Evers or Dr. King died to establish. They’re the center piece of my “remote control theory” argument, which states that the inner city is freely chosen, not directed by invisible white villains hiding behind a tree.

FP: Were you ever a member of the Nation of Islam or some other black Muslim group?

Enzi: I was never a Nation of Islam member. I was considered “too independent” in my thinking by the local minister. Translation: I didn’t think all whites were devils and I didn’t consider Farrakhan as black America’s divine leader.

FP: Share with us some of your narrative about being a Muslim and how and why you finally left Islam.

Enzi: For me, being a Muslim was separating myself from passive participants in hometown racism and a rejection of how liberal the black church and mainstream had become. I’ve always been an Old Testament type and saw (and still see) too much buck passing regarding personal responsibility and inner city crime, single motherhood households and the urban death culture which is now hip-hop.

I left Islam a while ago, because I found folks and movements who opposed the liberalized church as much as I do. Until we recognize that secular-socialism simply infiltrated the American Judeo-Christian continuum, we’ll continue see many traditional men, black and otherwise, opt out.

Also, as a lifelong anti-crime person, I didn’t endorse the silence of many American black Muslims on Islamic-themed inner city/prison gangs and terrorism.

FP: Tell us about Project 21 and American Brothers Against Crime and what these groups are about.

Enzi: Project 21 is a group of American black spokespersons for the conservative national Center for Public Policy Analysis. It offers challenging alternative views on current events and policies from black voices outside the DNC and even Republican establishment echo chambers.

American Brothers Against Crime (ABC) is my collective of anti-crime and security enthusiasts who unapologetically reject the notion that any zip code, from the Hood to the Heartland, should be held hostage to violent criminals. We promote ending the Cold War between black men and police via “Brothers and Badges Together,” where we work to change anti-cop culture in the inner city by teaming black male civilians and police officers. ABC stands apart from typical, “pro-crime” groups that blame others for violent crime in the black community. Not all of the “brothers” are black, or even men.

FP: What do you think made you a black American who doesn’t instinctively jump to “hating whitey” or blaming racism, society etc. for problems in the black community? What influenced you in your youth/life to emerge as a person not vulnerable to progressive myths?

Enzi: As an Old Testament person, I believe in governing myself in accordance with the law, thus negating a need for others — law enforcement, corrections, prosecution, etc. — to govern me instead. Since I believe fully in my God-given moral and intellectual ability, I’m not going to sink to becoming a felon and then beg white leftists to “save” me with programs which only benefit them, not their black client base. That’s acting like a slave, doing wrong and then crying about it. The black Left is beneath me, quite frankly. In 2014, I can’t embrace their doctrine of mediocrity on hand while ritually blaming others.

FP: So let’s get to “Jihad Crow.”

Enzi: “Jihad Crow” is my term for Arab racism against black people here and abroad. Some Arabs don’t even consider American black Muslims to be Muslims and refuse to even return the traditional Muslim greeting of “Asalaam Alakum” (God’s peace be upon you). They open stores in the inner city and sell Islamically-prohibited goods like pork products, alcohol, lottery tickets and even use the stores as centers for illegal activity like EBT fraud; fencing stolen merchandise and drug dealing.

Black leftist activists ignore how these stores rarely hire black employees, despite complaints about the same directed toward businesses owned by other ethnicities. A YouTube commentator, David Carroll, has a campaign challenging black leftist men to protest how some Arab store owners prostitute neighborhood women in exchange for free food items. Jihad Crow is Jim Crow with an Arab accent and no foreseeable expiration date. Even Louis Farrakhan has commented on the racism in Mecca, the Muslim holy city.

FP: Can you share a story of your own personal experience with Jihad Crow or a friend’s experience?

Enzi: I’ve seen Jihad Crow at work when Arab clerks take pains not to touch my hand when giving change, refuse to donate to worthy community causes while making 100% profit off of black patrons and politically always recruiting us to support their causes while always being MIA in return when solicited to support an issue important to us. A Muslim friend who’s an American black man tells me the Arabs at his mosque move away from him while kneeling in prayer and won’t give him a key to open the place of worship, something commonplace among Arab parishioners.

FP: Leftists pretend they are against racism. If they are so much against it, where is their concern about and protests against Jihad Crow?

Enzi: They feel that darker skinned people can’t be bigoted. Plus, so long as conservatives are spun, by Left and even Right sometimes, as enemies of Muslims, terrorists and otherwise, expect the Left not to utter a mumbling word in opposition. Leftists also overlook how heads would roll like bowling balls if their jihadi buddies get their hands on gay rights and other activists considered anathema to extremist Islam.

FP: So then what would you say about the Left in this regard?

Enzi: The Left is the last frontier of white supremacy. They’ve taken traditional values out of the modern black male identity, demonized black, traditional marriage, use our felons as a cash cow and our vote as a foot stool. The only free black person is one who’s a sock puppet for their ideology.

FP: You called the Oklahoma beheader Alton Nolen, a “confused Muslim brother” in a recent column of yours. Kindly explain your perspective.

Enzi: Most black Muslims, even apparently “orthodox” ones like Nolen, don’t run around beheading people. Confused Muslim brothers think they need to act like Arab (or even African) extremists or support the same. Prison inmates are a potential source of confused Muslim brothers, as their alienation from society and felon status make them prime candidates for targeting by extremists. For all his anti-Semitism and anti-white rhetoric, Farrakhan and his followers have yet to engage in or promote any criminal activity. Their apocalyptic vision, while provocative, has yet to cross the line into illegality or terrorism. While some would consider members of the Nation of Islam as confused, the confusion I reference literally costs people their heads or has stupid American blacks falling into terror plots orchestrated by the FBI. The confused category also includes any American black who would go abroad to fight for an Islamist group.

FP: Your thoughts on the behavior of black men who are Muslims who try to imitate radical Muslim Arabs?

Enzi: “Confused Muslim brothers.” There’s a very real racial divide between many American black Muslims and Arabs. Black men taking on Arab extremism are as sick as those trying to join the KKK as reserve members.

FP: Where are Black Muslims in America denouncing Nolen? Why the silence?

Enzi: Ambivalence and pride. Some despise his action while others feel they shouldn’t have to explain themselves to white people. But here is my position: the same way black activists demanded decent whites to oppose White Citizens Councils, the Klan and Jim Crow, the same way anti-Islamists have a justifiable right to expect not only black Muslims, but members of our leftist Christian majority, to oppose a confused Muslim brother like Nolen.

FP: What needs to be done to bring more light to the racism and injustice of Jihad Crow?

Enzi: Conservative, and unbiased black observers across the political spectrum, need to hold Arab racists accountable the same way we focus on white ones. Sunshine is the best disinfectant, so interviews like this offer insight into a dimension of discrimination few discuss openly.

FP: Nadra Enzi, thank you so much for joining Frontpage Interview.


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