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And don’t miss the most recent BLOCKBUSTER episode with Geert Wilders!!

2 thoughts on “Support The Glazov Gang on Facebook!”

  1. I wish there were more people like Geert Wilders. We would have a total different world to begin in the Netherlands if the PVV the Dutch Freedom Party was the highest in that country. Wilders has been risking his life for the past 10 years not for him but for the people in the Netherlands and for all the people in the rest of the world. Wilders has constant security police 24 hours. Wilders has no problems with muslims but he doesn’t want the country to be Islamised.It is a tough situation but the country could start to put a ban on any further mosques buildings.

  2. Mr. Wilders is clearly the most rational voice on the subject of the Islamization of the West. If we in America do not wake up to his thesis, we will suffer the consequences of our ignorance.

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