Islam’s Assault on Women’s Sexuality — on The Glazov Gang

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This week’s Glazov Gang was joined by Dr. Mark Christian, the President and Executive Director of the Global Faith Institute. He is the son and nephew of high ranking leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in his home country of Egypt. A former Islamic Imam who converted from Islam to Christianity, he dedicated his life and work to the proposition that “the first victims of Islam are the Muslim themselves.”

Dr. Christian discussed Islam’s Assault on Women’s Sexuality, analyzing the misogynist texts of Islam and their earthly incarnations:

Don’t miss this week’s second episode with Dr. Bill Warner, a scientist who has studied Islam since 1970. He has used the scientific method in the study of Islamic texts and has made its doctrine easy to understand. As an example, he had produced a Koran that anyone can read and understand. Visit his site at

Dr. Warner joined the show to discuss Measuring Extremism in Islam, illuminating how Sharia compliance defines a way to measure civilizational “extremism” that goes beyond beheadings:

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One thought on “Islam’s Assault on Women’s Sexuality — on The Glazov Gang”

  1. To be fair, Mohammad got his ideas from the Jews, whose attitude towards women’s menstruation cycle is very much the same especially among the orthodox community. This is not to excuse it of course, and women in other respects are accorded equality in Israel beyond anything seen in Islamic countries. It is primitive and inhumane in equal measure.
    It is interesting also that many ‘primitive’ tribes have the same taboos about women and menstruation, which only goes to support the primitive nature of the Quran and Islam. This is easy to research in anthropological works

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