Feinstein’s Torture Charade — on The Glazov Gang

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This week’s Glazov Gang was guest-hosted by Michael Finch, the president of the David Horowitz Freedom Center. He was joined by Morgan Brittany, Conservative TV and Movie Star, Nonie Darwish, author of “The Devil We Don’t Know” and Mell Flynn, the president of Hollywood Congress of Republicans.

The Gang gathered to discuss Feinstein’s Destructive Torture Charade, analyzing the reasons the Democratic Senator chose to humiliate her country and endanger its citizens’ lives.

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4 thoughts on “Feinstein’s Torture Charade — on The Glazov Gang”

  1. It’s confusing. Party platform of Democrats are on domestic, social issues yet the digression of the entire national economic, socio-politico status of the country. They MAY not be so dull, only, they got other aims to tackle: self-to-power preservation. Just thinking.

  2. It is incredible that you chose Bachman and Palin as examples of women pilloried by the Democrats. Both of them are loons who condemn themselves out of their own mouths. Palin especially failed to complete her term as governor and then chose a show business career to make lots of money easily. The Rep should be ashamed of them.

    1. BC, you should be ashamed of you.
      Your “answer” is kind of : ” Your are fool yourself ”
      No mention, that Palin and Bachman are bright, brave , honest (less polit correct) and smart woman!
      Usually but not this time, Feinstein is one of the best democrats (honest more then rest!) of Senate.
      Absolutely agreed with RuthHirt.
      (independent voter)

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