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In the recent Taliban terror attack against a school in Peshawar, Pakistan, Islamic terrorists killed more than 130 children. The atrocities include the beheading of children and the Taliban dousing a teacher with gasoline, burning her alive in front of her students who were forced to watch.

The horrifying nature of this latest Taliban atrocity serves as yet another reminder of infanticide and child sacrifice being key ingredients of Islamic terror. The long and grotesque record of Hamas’ and Arafat’s child-killing machines serves as a morbid testament to that phenomenon.

To shed light on why Islamic Jihadists target children, Frontpage is running The Glazov Gang’s special two-part series with Dr. Anna Geifman, the author of Death Orders and one of the world’s leading experts on child-sacrifice by death cultures.

In this special series, Dr. Geifman delivers a profound analysis on Hamas and Terrorists’ Child Sacrifice, explaining why Islamic terrorists — and totalitarians in general — target children. Though her main focus is on Hamas as well as on Soviet terror, her analysis gives us a profound insight into the infrastructure of the Taliban mind and how its savagery against children in a Pakistani school satiates its yearnings.

Dr. Geifman’s research unveils the true nature not only of the Islamic death culture, but of all death cultures, and explains why they sacrifice their enemy’s children — as well as their own.

See both interviews below:

Part I:

Part II: (Focus on child-sacrifice starts at 10:30 mark)

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