Sharia Law: Draconian Legal System — on The Glazov Gang

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This week’s Glazov Gang was guest-hosted by scholar of Islam Louis Lionheart and joined by author and lecturer Dr. Edward L. Dalcour.

Dr. Dalcour came on the show to discuss Sharia Law: Draconian Legal System, unveiling the nightmare spawned by Islamic “theocracy.”

Don’t miss this week’s second episode in which guest-host Louis Lionheart interviews Dr. Mark Durie, a theologian, human rights activist, pastor of an Anglican church, and an Associate Fellow at the Middle East Forum.

Dr. Durie came on the show to discuss Islamic Human Sex-Trafficking, explaining why ISIS’s new sex-slave pamphlet references Islamic texts.

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3 thoughts on “Sharia Law: Draconian Legal System — on The Glazov Gang”

  1. Many Americans are Blind, Deaf and Dumb
    We are in an Islamic Cultural War. That has no Borders
    Islamic Culture must destroy Western Culture OR
    Western Culture must destroy Islamic Culture.
    Stealth Jihad will destroy America!
    It is a Genocidal War.
    Islamic Culture = Evil: Western Culture = Civilization
    Choose Freedom or Slavery
    This is a battle between Light and Darkness or Good and Evil or Knowledge and Slavery
    Decided which side you are on?

    1. I agree totally, people need to drop the silly efforts at being POLITICALLY CORRECT, this is no game, we have everything to lose and nothing to gain being P.C. There are many who arrogantly view themselves above the rest of us for their political correctness but they are fools, pay no attention to them. WAKE UP before it is too late.

  2. Few people understand that Islamist worship a demon god who goes by the name of Allah. The creator of Allah, is none other than the “lord of the flies” Beelzebub. What was his principle purpose ” to steal, kill and destroy.” Does this sound familiar? What was Muhammad’s mission in life? Need I say more.

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