Obama and the Koran — on The Glazov Gang

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This week’s Glazov Gang was joined by Nonie Darwish, author of The Devil We Don’t Know.

Nonie came on the show to discuss Obama and the Koran, unveiling the curious relationship between the president and Islam’s “holy book.”

Don’t miss this week’s second episode with Superstar Michael Loftus, host of the new comedy tv show, The Flipside With Michael Loftus, which offers a fresh perspective by taking on the flipside of the news, commentary, and pop-culture that America now calls the status quo.

Michael discussed how his show hits back at the powers that be, the challenge of making jokes in a leftist-controlled culture, the risks of making fun of Allah, why he thinks The Glazov Gang should be called The Glazov Game, and much, much more.

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4 thoughts on “Obama and the Koran — on The Glazov Gang”

  1. Miss Darwish provides an informative interview and brings to light some factoidson Obama of which I was unaware. I am interested in reading her book, but her one claim gave me pause: Is it possible to sue a book such as the Koran?

  2. Because of The Glasnov “Game” I proceeded to watch Episode One of The Flipside with Michael Loftus. Mr. Loftus is a breath of fresh air and is really funny. Astonishingly, within its 30 minute time slot, “Flipside” was actually more informative than an equal dose of Blaze TV with Glenn Beck, whom I already admire very much.

  3. English is not my mother tongue…

    Hello Jamie

    About Islam
    and us and them…

    About islam, what we need, and about ourselves, and in ourselves what we need, is this:
    1. A new and clear state of mind about what and who we are.
    2. No more be named or be dictated by islam the way and by the names it wants to name us.
    3. No more accepting to be called by islam ”infidels”, koufars, dhimmi, mecreant, bigot, and so on.
    4. No more accepting to be put by islam, in the round, on the side of man’s laws against the side of ”allah law” or sharia or god’s law.
    5. No more this, no more that! No more this manipulation of reality, no more this arrogance, this evil discrimination, no more this taqqya!
    6. We will name ourselves by ourselves and by the names we want, by the names we deserved to be named, by the names that really name us.
    7. We are not infidels, we are not koufars, we are not dhimmis, we are not mecreants.
    8. We are fidels, we are dedicated to higher thought, higher faith, higher philosophy, more divine concept of God and woman and man than islam is. We are fidels to God much more than islam is…
    8. And much more to the most profound goal of human life, which is to attain even in this life and live it in our innermost and outermost life, to live this goal that is to live in God counsciousnees, cousciously live in God awareness trough love and higher and higher states of inner and outer knowledge, through continuously growing inner and outer God’s and self science, trough reflexion, meditation, mystic and scientific observation.
    9. We are dedicated to thruth and the incessant search of it and always we are going toward a more precise and a more holistic and holy knowledge.
    10. For this, we are dedicated to liberty, true liberty, sincerity, profound sincerity, divine and human sincerity, to love, individual and universal love, not submission, blind submission, nor slavery, not condamnation, death, hatred, killing others, because God is Life, God is Love, God is Knowledge, God is Wisdom and respect of diversity and unity in the same time. God doesn’t love vain uniformity and dictatorship… God is Totality and each part, the visible and the invisible, the inner and outer aspects of life and existence. God is Existence and Infinity and finity in each of the expressions of creation…. which are of infinite numbers…
    11. God has not this dualistic and agressive and maladive bipolar so narrow human mind that we see in the Koran. This mind is the mind of muhammad, partly a litteray fiction, not the true spirit of God. In the Koran, god and muhammad are the same guy, sick guy. There is no way to God in the Koran, but a way towards slavery and blindness,and crime and death, not paradise . It’s the reason why we don’t follow the koran but God, but it’s the reason we look at wisdom, inner and outer wisdom, inner and outer love… and we invite you every muslim, every woman, every man to follow that very way, but in liberty, but according to the path of your own evolution, your own tradition in what they have in their best and divine soul!
    12. God has not this dualistic discourse that we find in the koran. God doesn’t need our blind submission, our fearness, our mechanical and blind prayers. The sick dictators want them, need them to dominate us and live their sickness! Not us!
    13. God, the Spirit of God wants to live, consciously live in us, through our own consciousness, our own life, our own love. Our life is a part of the Life of God, each human life is a part of It. It’s why it’s so precious and why we are against any djihad, any criminal djihad, like the koran teach in it’s sickness and criminal mind!
    14. Islam must understand this: Adoring Allah is not adoring God, it’s adoring the muhammad mind, the muhammad ego and it’s extended ego and it’s extended mind which ared what they call umma. So, even if they don’t realise it, they are in a blind state of idolatry, of supertition… and they live in a direct and extreme contradiction against the best ideal they want to live and they want to attain!
    They are not in the submission of God, but in the submission of a collective super ego and they are blind to this… and they want, incessently want to submit all of them, each others, and all of us, again and again in an incessant wars amongts themselves and again and again towards the whole humanity. It’s a vain trip through blood and sufferings! trough cries and deaths! It’s and individual and collective sickness!
    15. Wake up, islam, ware up and see the reality. Yout way is false. All the evident signs are therre!
    16. We are not the ennemy of God as you think, we are not your ennemies, as you fear! We are your loving sisters, your loving brothers, all clildren of God, made of the same flesh, living of the same Spirit, breathing the same air and looking at the same sun and stars!
    We are made of the same Life and Love!
    17. Wake up islam, before it’s too late…
    See the Light that is hidden behind the thick veils of the koran and your blind submission to fear and a false conception of God.
    Break the tradition of the kaliphates which has put religion in the slavery of their thirst for dictatorship and absolute domination of their ego and the ego of their army.
    They falsly give to god their own faces and you also in your ignorance,
    but this is blindness, but it is living and in the night on the stone!
    18. Wake up Islam… We love you and we want to live in the same Light!
    We will find the way together… and the way always exists!

    1. Well said Azoum, though it is apparent that you are from a non-English speaking land.
      Sharia, Islam and all of the Middle East remind me of a Turkish businessman I knew as a child. He was all about prayer five times a day but he also felt that he deserved every dime he cheated people out of as he was Muslim and those he cheated were not. He would always tell me that he was the only smart person in San Francisco. He ended up in prison for trying to kill his wife, it was the talk of the small suburban town I lived in. That is what I am reminded of when ever one of the Imams or Middle Eastern political types come on the news or a talk program. Generally they have the same look in the eye and mannerism in speech. Islam may very well be a great religion and peaceful, but if it is so peaceful and so great, why is it that there seems to always be violence and hate coming from those countries?

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