Michelle Obama’s “No” to Hijab in Riyadh — on The Glazov Gang

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This week’s Glazov Gang was joined by Michael Loftus, host of The Flipside With Michael Loftus, Morgan Brittany, a conservative TV and movie star, and Tommi Trudeau, host of Politics Tonight With Tommi Trudeau.

The Gang discussed Michelle Obama’s “No” to Hijab in Riyadh, analyzing the significance of the First Lady taking a pass on Islamic head-covering in Saudi Arabia. The guests also focused on Hijab Day at NP3 High School, Islam — A House of Cards?, A Day in the Life of Sharyl Attkisson and much more.

Don’t miss Jamie Glazov discuss his battle on Hannity against the Unholy Alliance and the mechanisms of Jihad-Denial:

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3 thoughts on “Michelle Obama’s “No” to Hijab in Riyadh — on The Glazov Gang”

  1. The best Glazov Gang ever! Morgan, you are as lovely as ever! It was great to see Mr Snugglebun, and Tommi too, after such a long absence, welcome back into the light. I agree with just about every word you said Tommi, I am just confused.

    You speak the truth with much wisdom and sense, a freedom fighter and truth teller as much as Dr Glazov. (We three could be the beginning of a replacement “3rd party” for when the Repubs are eventually destroyed. Diversity of thought, bound together by certain unalienable truths.)

    Herein lies my confusion: How can you be for freedom, happiness and choice, all the while believing that government is the answer to our problems? If you believe so much in the welfare of people, which I know you truely do, give to charity. Advocate your leftist commie Hollywood friends for donations. Their wealth could benefit those on Skid Row directly, or the unfortunate souls who suffer from tyrannical dictators in Africa and the Middle East. Any time government takes money, er uh you “give” money to government, it goes through too many (corrupt) hands. Hundreds of Millions of dollars for AIDS in Africa? How much of that money was left for the 5 year old in Zimbabwe, born with the disease into abject poverty, after government cronies got their grubby fingers on the dough?

    Are you just anti-capitalist? For being a freedom of choice loving patriot such as yourself, communism is the antithesis of Americanism.

    Donations to the poor and needy are best handled by specialists, charities or churches, not your friendly union bureaucrats. Give out of the goodness of your heart, not because your hard earned cash is confiscated, before you really have a say on how it is spent.

    What’s the most efficient way to waste money, you may ask? Give it to a politician that holds office. Well, the BEST and most efficient way to waste money is at high velocity, training with your semi-automatic firearms in a controlled environment:)

    I am done with my tirade, but please reply, I mean every word I wrote, no sarcasm, it really is unbecoming. You are a true liberal Tommi, not a leftist, that is why we love you.

    Jamie, you ROCK. Keep up the good fight for the kafir, including the Muslim ones. That is why we love you!

    Sleepless, and still confused, in Seattle.
    Matt Henderson

  2. Matt.. Thank you for the compliments.. However, you seem to make assumptions about me that just are not true. I do NOT believe that government is the answer to our problems. I strongly believe in freedom, liberty, and democracy. I also believe in free enterprise and that Small Business is the very backbone of our free and prosperous economy. That belief, which is the very core of my being, makes me diametrically opposed to large corporations that monopolize our entire economy making it impossible for the small business person to succeed.

  3. Thanks Tommi,

    You have abated my curiousity somewhat, appreciate the response. True liberals will always be curious to me though (I know, I thought I was one), enigmas wrapped in riddles, finished in shiny eye-catching packaging. It is the reason I love liberals, you never know what you will end up with but the show is almost always interesting. Life would be too boring if there were only straight laced conservatives running around.

    We are all facets on the rolling dice called life. The more sides on the die, the more interesting and complicated the quagmire becomes. Frame the quagmire with personal responsibility, integrity and situational awareness, innovation and real progress will result from the stew. This is what I believe our society is based on and the only way Western Civilization will survive.

    We could debate the pros and cons of large corporations until we are blue in the face but one thing is absolutely true. Once government has majority control of large companies, or visa versa, the middle class backbone of the country suffers, with life slowly degenerating into a Nazi-like socialist police state where EVERYONE is a slave.

    It IS happening again, this time the Nazis aren’t wearing brown shirts, bashing people in the head with batons. It is the smiling, well dressed socialist psychopath with the best intentions in mind (or so they say, taqiyya), wanting to make life equal for all, screaming about diversity and injustice, that will drag this country into darkness.

    My assumption is based solely on your words, Tommi. You voted for POTUS twice, still support him and like some of his programs. If there was a picture in the dictionary for the definition of “big government liberal”, there would be a picture of the current POTUS, who is, based on his words and actions (or inaction as the case may be), the most anti-American president this country has seen. G-d willing, the last we will have to endure. Mind you Tommi, I am not accusing you of Anti-Americanism by association, but you do have to admit this POTUS is the most devisive, polarizing and uncompromising (maybe with the exception of Lincoln) we have ever had, with little willingness to work with the other side. The man has met with Al Sharpton more times than he has sat down with Republican leaders from the Hill. The man is not a national leader. He is a community organizer. He has proven that out in countless ways in the last 6 years.

    Upwards and onwards.
    Jamie, thank you for doing G-d’s work, fighting to educate the oppressed and deluded masses. Your message is needed now more than ever.

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