Quiz: Why Did ISIS Burn a Jordanian Pilot Alive?

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ISISISIS has released a horrifying video showing a captured Jordanian pilot, First Lt. Moaz al-Kasasbeh, being burned alive inside a cage. Below is a multiple choice quiz about this evil act perpetrated by the Islamic State.

ISIS burned a Jordanian pilot alive because:

[a] They are a very tiny minority of extremists who misunderstand the peaceful message of the Koran.

[b] They are mentally ill.

[c] They lived in the West and were made to feel unwelcome by white racists who didn’t let them assimilate.

[d] They were forced into desperation and violence by American imperialism.

[e] The Crusades.

[f] Timothy McVeigh.

[g] Brain damage from boxing.

[h] Rap lyrics.

[i] They worked in the West and are very upset about the dental plan they had – or didn’t have.

[j] Islamophobia.

[h] The Israelis/Jews were behind it.

[i] Capitalist hegemony and exploitation.

[j] They were influenced by the Gospel of John in the New Testament, as well as by Buddhist and Amish teachings — and all religions are equal.

[k] All of the above.

[l] Because Islamic theology inspires this heinous act, just like it inspires and sanctions everything else that they do, as David Wood explains in the Glazov Gang episode, Top Ten Qur’an Verses to Understand ISIS, below:

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2 thoughts on “Quiz: Why Did ISIS Burn a Jordanian Pilot Alive?”

  1. I know Mr Wood argues from a Christian perspective but he should remember that Mohammad borrowed/plagiarised his theology from the old testament. I consider all religions a curse on mankind and especially on womankind!
    The IS sadists are either incredibly arrogant or insane most likely both. Religion turns people insane and makes them arrogant also. AS they seem intent on turning the whole world against them or at least the ones who are not cheering them on. I do not suppose they study history as the only history they respect is Islamic history and they are doing their utmost to emulate it. They should consider the Nazis and the Imperial Japanese, both of whom thought they could conquer the world
    but were ultimately completely crushed by freedom loving peoples.

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