Why ISIS Beheads — on The Glazov Gang

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ISIS’s savagery ensues without pause, as the terror group continues its diabolical barbarity with its recent kidnapping of at least 90 people from Christian villages in Syria.

In response to this ongoing terrorism perpetrated by the Islamic State, Frontpage is running The Glazov Gang’s feature interview with Dawn Perlmutter, the Director of the Symbol Intelligence Group and one of the leading subject matter experts (SME) in symbols, symbolic methodologies, unfamiliar customs and ritualistic crimes.

The discussion focused on Why ISIS Beheads, taking us into the dark world of Jihad’s key tactic and signature:

And don’t miss Josh Brewster’s video interview with Jamie Glazov about Jihad-Denial:

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4 thoughts on “Why ISIS Beheads — on The Glazov Gang”

  1. Dawn, I believe you are spot on the by seeing the purposeful symbolic messaging of ISIS through its egregious behaviors, but why are you giving Obama a pass on the same? A person does not become President of the United States by being fearful, by using magical thinking, by being stupid, by being in denial. Dawn, I find it hard to believe that “every gesture, expression that President Obama chooses to use is ALWAYS the wrong choice. It ALWAYS demonstrates weakness…” Does it not occur to you that deliberately not naming an obvious enemy is purposeful symbolic messaging? Does it not occur to you that Obama will purposefully name call others who are clearly not enemies? There is a reason why you are continually cringing, upset, and confused when Obama speaks. He is a a disciple of the Alinsky Model, and chaos of the goal of the radical. Currently he is seizing upon the ISIS threat in order to foment chaos here. He helped to manufacture the Amnesty crisis to foment chaos here. In the past there have been other crises he either seized upon or helped to manufacture. There will be more forthcoming.

  2. Jamie, once again thank you for episode after episode of thoroughly enlightening info.

    I love Dawn Perlmutter… a woman who tells it like it is, and expresses the same level of horror/disbelief that I experience every time I have an inadvertent encounter with anyone from our current leadership.

    Most of all, thank you for pointing to the TWO PART interview that Josh Brewster did with you, discussing your book High Noon. I watched both parts and everyone should do the same. In Part I you answered some of the questions I had about your personal history – all fascinating and deeply moving. And by the way, you look exactly like your beautiful mother! I am so grateful to her for bringing you into this world.

    In Part II you went into more detail about your intriguing (and very accurate) diagnosis of the Left’s attraction to totalitarian ideas and regimes that would kill them on contact. Thank you! This is critical, NEED TO KNOW info for anyone whose eyes are open – even slightly – and seeking the truth about our present predicament. It’s all terribly frightening, especially for we spoiled and soft Americans. I understand the impulse to look away and hope things will work out by themselves. But history – very recent history – warns of a much darker outcome.

    The Left is running the joint, folks. We are in imminent peril as a result. We have two choices: find out what we’re up against or keep watching The Kardashians and pretend it’s not happening. If you are in the first camp, you need to start binge watching Jamie Glazov’s YouTube Channel. The combination of Jamie’s own story, his warm and caring personality, his profound Christian faith, and his brilliant mind & analysis adds up to sort of a personal trainer who can walk you through our nightmarish cultural landscape while staying calm and grounded and not completely terrified as you come to terms with the magnitude of the fight we are in.

  3. Are you kidding me? Street Cred? It’s what Mohammed did. Every muslim must try to emulate the life of Mohammed. Mohammed did everything that ISIS is doing now. Study history. I appreciate your effort, but she clearly misses the mark. Islam is evil. It means submission. Islam is a totalitarian political ideology thinly veiled in a cloak of religion. Convert or die. Convert or be enslaved. Convert or pay a tax to muslims for the privilege of living amongst them. Those are your only choices. Get it?

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