Obama and the Koran — on The Glazov Gang

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With Obama’s recent boycott of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to the U.S. Congress, and with his continued weakness in the face of Iran’s pursuit of the nuclear bomb, combined with his perpetual refusal to acknowledge Islam’s role in ISIS’s barbaric terrorism, the troubling question of Obama’s loyalties to Islam remains on the surface, despite the mainstream media’s refusal to deal with it.

In response to these ongoing actions by the president that clearly enable the strength of Islamic jihadists, and that clearly hurt the interests of America and Israel, Frontpage is running The Glazov Gang’s feature interview with Nonie Darwish on Obama and the Koran, which unveils the curious relationship between the Radical-in-Chief and Islam’s “holy book.”

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3 thoughts on “Obama and the Koran — on The Glazov Gang”

  1. Nonie asks: “Is there even a strategy [to deal with Islam]?”

    Why yes, the American strategy is simple, easy and ongoing for decades: distract Americans with porn, pot and paganism. And gosh how Americans love their PP&P.

    Meanwhile corrupt-o-crats stuff their pockets with stolen money and make plans for their own cushy futures in which they will be the only ones with health care, personal safety and WiFi. Which is a great outcome for a handful of tyrants. (If you can overlook the millions of peons who will suffer and die, and believe me the tyrants can.)

    Wake up American dupes, and stop staring at the PP&P on your tee-vees!

    We are on our own. We need to get informed. There are a few moments remaining while we can still do this, before the shiite really hits the fan. Glazov Gang exists for this purpose. Big bonus: as you progress in your studies under Dr. Glazov, you will meet a small family of some of the most superb, colorful, caring and truly brave human beings… the kind of people you wondered if they still exist in America. Yep, they do. And note well, they ask for NOTHING in return. Not a tithe, tax or tip. Simply open your eyes and ears and let these fine people ‘splain things to you in language you can understand.

    Thank you Jamie, thank you Nonie.

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