Why Nancy Pelosi Almost Wept During Netanyahu’s Speech — on The Glazov Gang

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This week’s Glazov Gang was joined by Aaron Shuster (Writer/Producer), Ari David (Host, The Ari David Show Podcast) and Barak Lurie (Host, Barak Lurie Show).

The guests gathered to discuss Why Nancy Pelosi Almost Wept During Netanyahu’s Speech, analyzing Obama’s absence — and an administration’s betrayal.

The guests also focused on The Myth of “Israeli Apartheid”:

And don’t miss The Glazov Gang’s feature interview with Secular Palestinian Leader, Mudar Zahran, about Why Palestinians Should Support Israel:

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One thought on “Why Nancy Pelosi Almost Wept During Netanyahu’s Speech — on The Glazov Gang”

  1. Excellent discussion. Take away for me was the concise explanation (at the last) of why America, Israel, and serious Christians and serious Jews are hated: Because they — God thru them — call the world to a higher standard. (“Serious” meaning they sincerely attempt to adhere to their scriptural authority.) Meanwhile, active non-adherents, seemingly, not only want the Bible to disappear but want its adherents to disappear too. Wonder what the non-adherent non-Muslims will do if the Muslim jihad gets its way, appeal to their secular-for-awhile governments to protect them and do the same thing to the Muslims (i.e. outlaw their scriptural authority). Absent spiritual intervention, it seems the fight prediction of the ‘Rocky II’ character Clubber Lang seems appropriate: “Pain”. Pain and War.

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