When Silence is Not an Option — on The Glazov Gang

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The Islamic State continues to perpetrate its barbaric terror right before our eyes, referencing Islamic texts and teachings as it commits its evil acts. The Obama administration and the U.S. media, meanwhile, continue the leftist chorus and mantra after each Islamic act of terror committed in the name of Islam: “This is not Islam.”

In response to the U.S. government’s and media’s denial and silence about the true roots of Islamic terror, Frontpage is running The Glazov Gang’s feature interview with Dr. Ari Babaknia, an Iranian-born doctor who wrote and published a 4-volume book in Farsi “The Holocaust” (which in English is “Humanity, NOT”).

He discussed “Humanity, NOT,” which takes an in-depth look, in words and images, at the captured emotions of the victims, perpetrators, bystanders, and survivors of the Holocaust, told in their own words.

Dr. Babaknia focuses on the evil of genocide, the indifference of man in the face of evil, and when silence is not an option. The point is emphasized in the discussion that these are phenomena interlinked with the silence that we see today in our leadership’s and culture’s denial in the face of Islamic terror:

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3 thoughts on “When Silence is Not an Option — on The Glazov Gang”

  1. Jamie,

    I am not one to get choked up over such a program, but this was superb as an understatement. What an eloquent interview – on both sides. Please continue to bring such messages to us. We need your passion to get the message out to so many. This is an interview that will get spread far.

    May God continue your work for years to come.

  2. Thanks Jamie. I have put this on my facebook so it can reach more people in South Africa which is where I stay. You have introduced two very interesting people to me. Bless you.

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