Video: Anni Cyrus Stands Up For The Glazov Gang

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In this new brief episode of The Glazov Gang, the producer of the show, Anni Cyrus, explains why now, more than ever, is the hour to support the show that boldly tells the truth about the Left and Jihad that our media simply won’t dare discuss.

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4 thoughts on “Video: Anni Cyrus Stands Up For The Glazov Gang”

  1. Sorry to ‘nic pic’ but isnt your globe going the wrong way round? Or is there a reason? (in the introduction)

    Anni for years I have corrected people when they say ‘bloody Arabs’ yes, i know Persians arent Arabs! But they were referring to the offensive ISLAM followers and associated one with the other. I would correct them saying there are Arabs of differnt faiths including good Christian Arabs please dont confuse. It’s ISLAM that has poisoned a majority of Arabs to be the way they are. I call Persia, Persia because that is as i remembered it? I was very young but couldnt understand why they would change such a beautiful, quite romantic sounding name to IRAN!!!
    Well done Anni for surviving what you did (although its only human to be affected and not able to completely get rid of the scars) You always were a strong character. even as a little girl and (i want to say i’m proud of you but i would have to have some kind of connection, like sister, mother etc or a struggling muslim…..i’m not sure but i feel proud of you anyway ….perhaps its as a woman? that must be it) Well done Anni dont give up. England, and the UK, our government has been financed by saudi (so we the people have been sold out by our traitorous leaders) I dont know whether you read anything about it probably too busy no doubt. but in the last 10 years its has only just come out what muslims have been doing to young white girls! Children between 11-14 (i even question the minimum age?) for 30years poss more! Years our government knew about the abuse, the police turned a blind eye to it all (they didnt have any backing from higher authorities) 1400 girls in one town not a city thats Rotherham England. If it wasnt for people like Tommy Robinson (real name Steven Lennon) but as you can understand for his and his family’s safety he had to use Alias’ he notice this abuse and began to do something about it (which upset the muslim communty) if you havent heard of him watch his speech on youtube at the official oxford Union site not others, they cut bits! if you have time and also a lovely gentleman (Tommy’s a lovely gent also) called Andrew Norfolk. also on youtube who hightlight this ‘muslim gangbanging’ of white christian children, The media kept it quiet also. thanks to Mr Norfolk being an independent reporter to The Times he was able to get it hightlghted. Of course once one newspapaer published it, all those treacherous others didnt want to be left out and so joined in with info they already knew, These gang rapes and paedophilia seem to be connected and involvement is too high up in authority. The late Jimmy saville or should i say Sir Jimmy Saville A fine example of evil! Yet he was in ‘good contact’ with the royals! Totally different backgrounds what could he have in common with them? The abuse of Childrens homes, our politicians like Ted Heath, Cyril Smith. Elm House in London a guest house frequented by ‘well know politicians and celebriies one nicknamed ‘Kitty!’ would frequent this place for sadistic sex with mainly young boys. With islam and its belief that they can marry a child at any age (and have up to four wives plus slxves) it’s no wonder theres an attraction or link with paedophilia as well. i dont know whether girls in the middleast develop early but usually the average age is 13 for the start of their menstral periods NOT 9…i dont suppose men can wait another 4 years (they’ll be nearly women by then thats no fun!) and if the girl is younger that 9 i read aout the ‘thighing’ method!!! (humans are such delights arent they?) The was a 3 part bbc series called 3 girls based on this gang rape abuse. (one girl who disappeared and was believed she was cut into pieces and ground down and mixed into kebabs) Charlene downs from blackpool. All these teenagers gone missing i wouldnt be surprised if its not been done before. I had keebabs years ago but i gave it a thought in the 80’s and stopped then and glad i did!

  2. I don’t know what you read in Quran, but what I read in Quran and about prophet Mohammed SAW is that,he was the one who told not to kill girls, not to sell girls and not to beat them. Mohammed SAW was always supportive for girls. He has one girl name Fatima, he never beaten her or force her to follow the Islam. She her self agree to follow and read the Quran.
    And in your video you said that Mohammed saw married with 6 years old girl is wrong and also getting married below 14 years is not in Islam.
    You just want to get sympathy from the Americans and trying to show wrong image about Muslims.
    If your people didnot shown you the right image of Islam then come to India we will show you what Islam and and what Mohammed saw said.
    May Allah peace be upon you.

    1. Sorry the girl Fatima did not have the Quran for the Quran was not in existence till 200 years later. Who are you trying to fool. Only you who have been fooled by yourself or by whoever have deceived you.

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