World Net Daily’s Feature on Jamie Glazov

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The article below was written by Paul Bremmer in World Net Daily.

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The parents of FrontPage Magazine Managing Editor Jamie Glazov were Christian dissidents in Leonid Brezhnev’s Soviet Union. The family fled the country in 1972, when Jamie was still a young boy, and thought they had left the USSR’s radical left-wing ideology behind forever.

Until now.

“I will tell you that we escaped the Soviet Union, but today the Soviet Union has come to us,” Glazov said in a May 2 speech at the 2015 Eagle Forum of California State Conference at Calvary Chapel Church in Costa Mesa. “And it’s very frightening, it’s depressing, it’s very, very scary for my family and for all of us to see what’s happening to the West.”

Since the fall of Soviet communism, Islam has become the top threat to America and the West, said Glazov. But it’s hard for anyone to speak up and condemn Islamic violence without being called a bigot.

“This is what is so frightening: When ISIS attacks, when Boko Haram attacks the little girls, when al-Qaida does what it’s doing, for some reason we have to go: ‘We’re sorry. We’re not racist. We’re not Islamophobic,’” Glazov told the audience.

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