Choudary, Ibrahim and Hodge Battle it Out Over ISIS and Islam — on The Glazov Gang

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This week’s special edition of The Glazov Gang was joined by London Imam Anjem Choudary, Freedom Center Shillman Fellow Raymond Ibrahim and American Muslim Activist Isa Hodge.

They came on the show to battle it out over whether Islamic theology inspires Islamic terror.

Don’t miss the fireworks!

And make sure to watch Ingrid Carlqvist, the Editor-in-Chief of, discuss Islam’s Rape of Sweden:

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12 thoughts on “Choudary, Ibrahim and Hodge Battle it Out Over ISIS and Islam — on The Glazov Gang”

  1. Exodus 22/ 20 And a stranger shalt thou not wrong, neither shalt thou oppress him; for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt.
    21. Ye shall not afflict any widow, or fatherless child.
    22. If thou afflict them in any wise–for if they cry at all unto Me, I will surely hear their cry–

  2. Dear Jamie

    What a brilliant show. If you invite the 3 again, maybe you can cajole either Robert Spencer or Brigitte Gabriel to skype in, to support Raymond Ibrahim – on a 2 against 2 basis.
    We need more this format so that Islam can at last, media wise, be examined and challenged.

    All the best


  3. Honestly this was revealing but also unbalanced. Even though the two Muslims were of different views. A lot of statements particularly Choudary who was raving, went unchallenged. If Spencer, Gabriel or Pamela Geller had been involved they would have been. Eg. the oft repeated claim that Hitler was a ‘christian’, Hitler despised Christianity, and granted a lot of Germans were ‘Christians’ but they were not carrying out atrocities in the name of Jesus Christ. Unlike the jihadists who claim to be acting out the Muslim creed. Also the claim (Hodges) that Malaysia is the largest Islamic country, I think he was confusing it with Indonesia which has about 205 million compared to Malaysia which has about 17 million. Pakistan is much larger with 128 millions and Afganistan has about 29 millions. So he is way out on his facts there. BTW look what a great example of an Islamic country Pakistan presents to the world. It has hardly known peace since its creation. Choudary is a complete fantasist who lives in UK on public support, and claims that is his due as Jizyah, his whitewashing of IS is inexcusable and his claims it is Western propaganda is refuted by the proven facts that the propaganda is being spread on social media by IS itself, who unlike the Nazis who tried to conceal their crimes, advertise their atrocities to the world. Yet still people go to join them!
    Choudary likes to claim that Westerners are raping women all the time, but he resides in the country where Muslim men a have been raping non Muslim children on massive scale an still carry out sexual assaults almost daily. If he thinks that the whole world is going to embrace sharia law he is barking mad.

  4. Why do these people always try to deflect the truth by quoting
    biblical verses which are not carried out by Jews or Christians.
    When the US military goes to war, men and women of all religions make up our military services. When they kill in the throes of war THEY ARE NOT DOING THIS FOR JESUS CHRIST! But Muslims – solo jihad killing or ISIS mass murders are SPECIFICALLY FOR ALLAH! Look who is talking about truth…so crazy. The American is an ignoramus (Indonesia stupid!) The 2 are such nasty people. Raymond is the only one who makes sense.

  5. It saddens me that you would invite these satanically inspired folks. All they say are lies. Do we really need to listen to their lies? I would prefer it when you focus our attention on people around the world doing good and fighting in the face of adversity. So many Christians are slaughtered every year around the world by the followers of this wicked ideology.
    It would be much more interesting and useful to inform our politicians. Invite Robert Spenser and have him talk sense to some of our politicians, that could actually possibly have a positive effect. but listening to lying, ignorant muslims wont help anyone.

  6. Jamie,
    Thank you for the opportunity to hear the Truth. We don’t hear it much in Europe these days. Newspapers and TV channels are so politically correct……. The BBC actually refers to ISIS as ISLAMIC STATE. Need I say anymore?
    Keep up the good work!

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