Is Sharia Law Coming To The West?

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slThis article is written by Dom The Conservative in Mad World News.

The duty of every Muslim, whether they consider themselves moderate, devout, or progressive, is to follow the mandatory five pillars of Islam and to strive with their wealth and lives to establish Sharia law in every country on earth. This Islamic law is a religious governing body that subjugates every citizen, regardless of faith, to adhere to the harsh and often impossible requirements in the Quran and Hadith.

As liberals embrace Islam, America slowly creeps towards implementing Sharia-based legislation. With this legislation comes a medieval form of governance that resurrects some of the most inhumane laws that the U.S. fought for generations to eradicate.

However, Anjem Choudary, a prominent Islamic scholar in the UK, is openly forewarning the West of what they can expect if the ummah (Muslim community) gets their way. The controversial preacher tweeted a few of the many things that will be outlawed under Sharia.

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