Jamie Glazov Moment – “Why I Love Muslims.”

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In this first segment of The Glazov Gang‘s new feature, The Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie discusses “Why I Love Muslims,” emphasizing why it is so important for freedom-loving people to stress that the threat facing western civilization is Islam the ideology, rather than a group of people.

He points out that the Left has set up constricted boundaries of discourse in which it smears heroic opponents of Jihad as haters of all Muslim people — which is a slanderous and destructive lie. Conservatives must make the argument more effectively that there are obviously many good Muslim people who do not engage in Jihad or want Sharia, but that the problem is that they are considered bad Muslims by Islam itself.

If liberty-supporters do not break through this leftist lie that dominates our government and culture — a lie that blinds people  from the Islamic roots of Jihad — then the West will remain incapacitated in defending itself.

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4 thoughts on “Jamie Glazov Moment – “Why I Love Muslims.””

  1. Молодец Яша. Excellent presentation and crucially important distinction. My only objection is that you overgeneralize the left. People like Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, and yours truly are on the left but agree with your assessment of Islam and your criticism of the cowardice/hypocrisy of many if not most liberals on the subject. Please recognize that we share your commitment to, Western values, even if we disagree about certain domestic and foreign policy issues. We are ultimately on the same side.

    1. Dear Norman, thank you so much for your support. And it is great to hear from you!

      You are talking to someone who has dedicated his whole life, since he was 12-years-old, to exposing the Left and fighting its agenda. And the Left’s effectiveness in destroying our civilization is the result precisely of its agenda and, worse still, peoples’ inability to gauge and name it.

      It is wonderful that people like Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, and yourself who are on the Left are dissidents within the Left in terms of the assessment of Islam. There are sometimes brave believers that stray from certain core values of the Left, but that doesn’t change the Left, just as a secular Muslim who may reject violent Islam does not change Islam and its core beliefs — just as a Catholic who practices birth control does not mean that the Catholic Church condones birth control.

      To blur the truth about the Left is to be complicit with the totalitarian torture of innocent victims, such as how the Left has facilitated the Muslim Rape Gangs to maim, violate and mutilate one million kafir girls in the UK, such as how the Left has facilitated (thanks to Obama following Muslim Brotherhood orders) the removal in 2011 of all references to Islam and Jihad in U.S. intelligence agency training manuals, which has left the U.S. completely exposed to Jihad attacks, such as in Boston, Chattanooga etc.

      These crimes have been achieved precisely because of the central tenets of leftist ideology, which I unveil and explain the urgency of fighting in my book, “United in Hate: The Left’s Romance with Tyranny and Terror,” which I will happily send you. http://www.amazon.com/United-Hate-Romance-Tyranny-Terror/dp/1935071602

      Again, it is fantastic that there are leftists such as yourself and the others you mention that may share a commitment to Western values in our terror war, but such individuals are no longer really part of the Left, a force which is definitely not “on the same side” as those who yearn to defend western civilization from totalitarian forces.

      The lure of the Left is very powerful, and it is very painful for its members to accept its true nature, its lies and to ultimately break from it. David Horowitz examines this phenomenon in the case of Chistopher Hitchens (who, despite his changes during the terror war, was never able to completely leave the Left) in his essay “The Two Christophers,” which will be of great interest to you since it deals precisely with this issue we are discussing — http://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/64802/two-christophers-david-horowitz

      Thanks once again Norman so much for supporting the show and for reaching out, and thank you for your own personal commitment to fighting the tyrannical forces that now threaten our way of life.

      Sincerely, Jamie.

    2. Norman, thanks so much for that reassurance. As a conservative told I’m intolerant – it really bugs me that many on the left are enablers for the biggest source of intolerance in the world. While I am trying to get fellow republicans to drop the ridiculous fear of gays, perhaps rational people like you on the other side can help the left understand who the new nazis are. Defending the rights of women and most religions from sharia should not fall solely upon right wing people

  2. I really have to say something here!
    I’m sick and tired of all this “The Left support Islam and Sharia Law and want America to become an Islamic State” blah blah blah.

    I’m a “Left” Democrat, Scientist, Atheist, and secular guy who’s studied all religions (past and present) and I’m Not a supporter of Islam. I hate All religions but Islam is The #1 Most Insane of the bunch. Stop Generalizing and saying that “The Left” is Pro-Islam. For this is about as Idiot as saying “The Right” want America to become a Fascist Oligarchic Theocracy under Lord Jesus Christ.

    All religion is Delusion and Dangerous (IMHO) with Islam being the most insanest one ever invented. I’m Secular, I believe in Science, I believe in Human Rights, Preserving History, Furthering Technology. Most Left People in America believe much as I do.

    Seriously do you honestly think that “The Left” Americans here WANT TO BE SLAVES UNDER SHARIA LAW? The fact of the matter is, those few who back Islam are doing so because they Don’t Understand It. They’re told “Islam is just another religion” and these see these “poor” towelheaded sods running around–and see them as The Underdog–a Persecuted People in America because they’re minorities–so That’s Why they back them up. But they know Jack about Islam, True Islam. If they did know, if they Knew What Sharia Law Was–NO RATIONAL AMERICAN (left or Otherwise) would support Islam.

    Do you see what I’m saying here? This is about ignorance and lack of education.

    I hate Islam for its crimes against humanity and it’s absolute brainwashing of people. Christians however (The Right) actually hate it for a different reason: They consider Islam to be “Demonic” and Allah/Muhammad to be Satan and Friends.
    In actuality you don’t care so much for Human Rights but because Islam is Christianity’s #1 competitor, so that’s why You fight against it. I know this because I brought it up on various occasions with Republicans and it’s all the same story.
    In fact the Really radical Republicans (the Dominionists for example) actually admire Islam in a sick way and would love to implement their own version in America if they could–replacing Allah/Muhammad for Jesus of course. These are the guys who think it’s a cool idea to kill gays too, to have the Bible (rather than the Kuran) drummed into everyone from babyhood on up, and have compulsive prayer enforced…

    So just quit this “The Left Want Islam!” chant. It’s old, it’s sick, and it’s Wrong. No professional scientist wants Technology destroyed and replaced with 7th century BS. No archaeologist wants to see historical digs destroyed because they’re “idoltry” under Sharia. No Educated Woman wants to be stripped of her rights and forced to wear a burqa. And most people in general don’t want to see music and alcohol taken away, much less freedom of art and expression.

    What you’re saying of this evil “Left” runs counter to all this.

    If you want to watch people in the U.S. then keep your eye on The Nation of Islam dickheads and their offshoot societies of very ignorant, uneducated blacks. Maybe these are “The Left” you refer to. They also don’t realize that True Islam of the Middle East hates blacks with a passion since they Started the slave trade thousands of years before other countries and “black” in their language is synonymous with “slave”–even though Blacks and Arabs are technically both “black” to us they certainly differentiate between them big-time!

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