Choudary, Spencer and Jasser Battle It Out On “Jihad in Chattanooga” — on The Glazov Gang

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This special episode of The Glazov Gang was joined by Anjem Choudary, a London Imam, Robert Spencer, the Director of, and Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, the Founder and President of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy.

The three guests came on the show to discuss “Jihad in Chattanooga.”

Don’t miss the fireworks:

And make sure to watch the Glazov Gang special with Ingrid Carlqvist, the Editor-in-Chief of She came on the show to discuss Islam’s Rape of Sweden, shining a frightening light on the Muslim terror that has maimed her country:

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7 thoughts on “Choudary, Spencer and Jasser Battle It Out On “Jihad in Chattanooga” — on The Glazov Gang”

  1. Great show and much needed debate. But, Jamie, please! Implement a harsh rule and some kind of a switch preventing speakers from interposing themselves on each other! While in the TV studio it is possible to understand few men talking together in even heated debate, in the Skype or by similar medium their talk together causes such interference that makes them totally incomprehensive. Thank you.

  2. As usual Jasser is lying through his teeth, because there are indeed governmental laws in the Koran. Such as in court testimony, amputation for theft and lashings for adultery. That is besides the fact that Islam does allow the taking of sex slaves. and that is rape. But just like the rest of the media Jamie is afraid to challenge Jasser on his blatant lies.

    Even Spencer did not explain to the public why Islam is not going to reform, and now he is trying to legitimize so called moderates when they all supporrt the same Mohammad. In the end the “establishment”, Gaffney, Pipes, Gabriel, Spencer, etc, all have a weakening message.

  3. America’s Founders were not influenced by Christianity, alone.
    Back in the days when students had to memorize dates, leaders and events, the story of Athens and Sparta during the Greco-Persian Wars had currency. Sparta adhered to its authoritarian, hierarchical honor code of Lycurgus. It never suffered the infighting among its aristocrats that propelled Athens to democracy. These two forms of gov’t each offered freedoms and problems that the other didn’t. Women, for instance, had much higher status in Sparta than Athens even though Sparta’s suppression of its slaves was much more severe. The Athenians had a way of stumbling into wars that Spartans lived for but usually avoided. On it goes. Hubris got them all.
    Alexander Hamilton thought highly of Julius Caesar while Thomas Jefferson was the reverse.
    From the Hellenic and Roman Traditions comes the Western Question of “good governance” ; What is it?
    Edmund Burke wrote of religion’s tangential influence upon politics versus a later Papal injunction of “Infallibility” in politics versus Bismarck’s “KulturKamp”.
    On it goes!
    The Authoritarian versus Democratic forms was an issue in the last two world wars and, although still obscured by the war propaganda of the victors, the ancient dichotomy is finally beginning to emerge in more recent scholarship that adds the story of the other side.
    Today, this form takes another actuality in “Pro-Life” versus Abortion. Eugenics is still with us, as it was with the Spartans.
    Christ was definitive in Western Culture, but Athena still rocks.
    Hephaestus is still our “military industry complex” and his role to “Apollo”, who still sings in our politics, hasn’t changed. Aries has never changed, either.
    Moses said simply, ‘Thou Shalt not Kill”, and the Western Drama goes on.
    I don’t see anything like this having happened in Muslim countries.

  4. When Muslim fanatics like Choudry and others get on the air or in the media and speak of ” Muslim Lands” I wish someone would ask how did those lands become “Muslim” -when Islam has been here for only thirteen hundred years -who did they steal it from-
    and why aren’t there any corresponding Christian , Jewish, Hindu or Buddhist lands?

  5. Why give the moslem mass murderers and hate merchants a free ticket to propaganda our children? Free Speech my ass? White people are disallowed free speech. Our taxes are used to fund our enemies like the NFL and CAIR. I am a strong supporter of Frontpage but not of phony negro “CONservatives” and other touts who, under the pretense of debate, enable hate-crazed enemies of the white majority to scream out their threats. Guys like Glazov lend credence to moslem hate-mongers, they also model “respect,”, “truth learning” and a hellevu lot more of enemy enhancing treason.
    Who are bitches like Glazov working for?

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