The Unknown: The Day I Was Called a Woman by Islam

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The Glazov Gang is proud and excited to introduce its new feature: The Unknown. The producer of the Gang, Anni Cyrus, now enters the stage.

Below is the first blockbuster episode, The Day I Was Called a Woman by Islam, in which Anni shares the harrowing story of how her  childhood ended at the age of 9 in Iran.

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12 thoughts on “The Unknown: The Day I Was Called a Woman by Islam”

  1. I did not know this age of 9 was formalised like this. The video unfortunately has sound too soft at the beginning and it is hard to understand the speaker’s words as she drops the endings. Do you think putting subtitles across would help with this? good luck.

    1. C M, I’m sorry you had hard time understanding me. I will make sure on next episode I do better. Thank you so much

  2. At nine years old, I ran around like a little savage, climbing up on sheds and in trees, shooting toy revolvers, whining about all the unfairness in my life. Teachers were unfair, my parents were unfair, it was unfair that the adults told me what to do, what to wear, and forced me to finish my dinner. Yet I was living in paradise! I was recognized as a child. Marriage was not even a glimmer in life. School was my only option. Anni is exceptionally accomplished for any time, and moreso given the background that produced her.

  3. And our president is allowing this disgusting regime to have nuclear energy so they can have a bomb. And there are no demonstrations against Iran and Obama on the streets of America. It is like a fiction movie, really a horror movie. Unbelievable.

    I am from Turkey originally. It was not as bad as Iran when I was growing up but Islam stole a lot freedom and healthy human relations from all of us. Shame on all those Islam enablers in the Western world, especially ignorant liberals.

    1. There have been demonstrations against the Iran deal, but the “liberal” media downplays or flat out ignores them. This marginalizes the dissent and tamps down any organic enthusiasm that might have a chance of enlarging (which is the intent). The initial Time Square rally had a good turn out and some credit it with nudging Schumer to reject this bad deal (more like a surrender, something Democrats do well, see: Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, etc.). Despite the corporatist media’s suppression campaign, the polling shows the public rejects this deal by 2:1; it’s enormously unpopular with the people. Cruz and Trump are headlining a Sept. 9 anti-ObamaBomb rally at the Capitol; the crowd should be sizable and Big Media can’t ignore this.

      I blame Jimmy Carter for all this.

  4. Wow. That is sobering.

    (P.S. is it possible to fix the sound? The videos of this and also Glasov Gang have this quality now like they are speaking into a big can? Sorry to gripe. It’s just I already struggle to hear well with good clear sound. This is what I get for working on helicopters haha)

    1. Thank you Michelle. I’m sorry we had some problems but next episode will have clear sound. I added caption to the video to make it easier to understand. Thank you again

  5. Thank you for sharing……I pray this process will be healing for you, Anni. You are beautiful , gifted, courageous woman.

    May your story help to ‘wake up America’.

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