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Islamic Lobbyist Saba Ahmed vs. Ex-Muslim Nonie Darwish on “Taqiyya” — on The Glazov Gang

A heated exchange over whether Muslims are obliged to deceive the unbelievers.

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This special edition of The Glazov Gang was joined by Saba Ahmed, an Islamic Lobbyist with the Republican Muslim Coalition, and Nonie Darwish, an ex-Muslim who is the author of The Devil We Don’t Know.

The two guests went toe-to-toe about Taqiyya, if Muslims can take kafirs as friends, if Islamic verses inspire and sanction Islamic terror, and much more.

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And make sure to watch the special Glazov Gang that was joined by Anjem Choudary, a London Imam, Robert Spencer, the Director of JihadWatch.org, and Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, the Founder and President of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy.

The three guests came on the show to discuss “Jihad in Chattanooga.”

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12 Responses

  1. Fabulous own goal by Saba Ahmed there – she claims the Quran is completely true, the eternal objective word of Allah with no contradictions in, then she wriggles out of answering Noni by using the strategy ‘this is what I believe and you have what you believe, leave me alone’, now drawing on a relativist, postmodernist position about truth, and – gobsmackingly – referring to the US constitution to back up her right to do this! So, Saba, is there an objective truth as revealed in the Quran, or is truth all relative? Can hardly have both. Saba perfectly illustrates Noni’s point how easily this mindset is able to live with contradictions.
    Go Noni go, you are brilliant.

  2. Here’s the poop in the pudding, folks. God, by whatever name you use to call on God, is either perfect, or not, either Truth, or not, either omniscient, or not. Can’t have it both ways. I believe in perfect morality, handed down by the perfect Moral Maker. Lying is a sin ‘thou shall not bear false witness…’ EVER. Perfect morality does not make exceptions. It allows for substitutions through grace. As in, Somebody else pays for our lies on our behalf. But lies must always be paid for, no matter the reason why. And God, as revealed to Christians & Jews, but rejected by Islam, forbids us to act as our pagan enemies do. Divinity ensures our ultimate victory… despite what islamists see as weakness. Our obligation is to the law of mercy and grace, not the law of violence, debauchery and deception.

  3. This proves to me that talking to a Muslim or Muslima is a total waste of time. However, thanks to Jamie and Noni for keeping on debating with Muslims so public can (maybe) get the idea that ISLAM IS EVIL.

  4. Taqiyya, taqiyya, taqiyya is all i have heard coming out of Saba’s mouth during the entire interview.
    I find it very striking and misleading when she stated that the main message in the Koran is “peace and justice.” She is using the words peace and justice together to appeal to non muslims because she is trying to convince us that islam is peaceful and it believes in justice the same way we do. Here in America, where our country was based upon Christian values, we associate justice with “fairness and equal treatment,” for ALL humans, which is far removed from Sharia law and justice (we have seen the graphic videos of Islamic “justice” which I believe is the true essence of Islam).
    Saba was going to give 3 cases in which taqiyya can be used, but she only stated one (War) and continued to repeat that the Koran forbids lying, which Nonie caught and corrected to mean only muslims should not lie to allah.
    After you quoted that taqiyya is acceptable to the day of judgement, how can she say that that is how you alone are understanding it (even though it is clearly written)? Or that Raymond Ibrahim is misusing verses to justify atrocities (even when the atrocities are happening in the name of islam) and that the Koran has no contradictions? Taqiyya
    When you quoted the Haddith book (4) 2:127 in regards to Aisha being struck on the chest by mohammed, you asked Saba if she was using taqiyya to say mohammed never struck his wives or if she just didn’t know this verse. She responded it was a weak verse and that her scholars haven’t verified or corroborated that verse. Her response was very telling in that she can disregard any verse called into question by saying it is weak.
    Nonie, who speaks Arabic, pointed out an excellent fact that Saba doesn’t speak Arabic. That means that as a muslim, Saba can’t use the theory most muslim groups like Cair use: that if you can’t read the Koran in Arabic, you will misunderstand and misinterpret it (even though any translated copies have to be authorized by the kingdom of Saudi Arabia). How, then, can Saba really say she knows the Koran? As Robert Spencer said during his speech at the North American Lutheran Church in Dallas, more than 90% of muslims haven’t read the Koran (due to illiteracy) but blindly follow their imams who indoctrinate them.
    We have a difficult battle ahead of us with too many snakes like Saba (in positions of power) using the American constitution to protect their freedoms (even though islam has the WORST record for human rights) while trying to destroy our freedoms as non muslims. FREEDOM LOVERS , go to bansharialaw.com to sign the petition to ban foreign law from being used in and replacing the American justice system. You can also see a map of which states have already banned it (not enough of them yet). Sign any and all petitions against Syrian refugees as ISIS is using them to gain entry. (I am not speaking of the actual, real Christian and non muslim refugees that Obama has detained at Otay detentional facility in California and whom he is deporting). Also think about joining Act for America (Brigitte Gabriel) or at least making calls to DC. GOD SPEED to the Freedom Fighters attending the 10/10 counter protest in DC against Justice or Else (islamic million man march).

  5. Local Christian Minister (and former Muslim) debates a Muslim scholar who has to be imported all the way from Eastern Canada. Several hundred on each side of the Tulsa Convention Center room representing supporters of each side. I was there. Pastor Reza Safa won hands down.

    From ‘The Tulsa World’ — January 26,2008

    ” Saying Christians and Muslims can be friends, a Muslim scholar from Canada gave 15 reasons why they should to a downtown Tulsa audience Friday night.

    But a Christian minister from Tulsa who used to be a Muslim questioned the tolerance of his former religion and asked whether a program such as Friday’s, held at the Tulsa Convention Center, could even take place in a Muslim nation.

    The Rev. Reza Safa, pastor of Fishermen’s House Church in Tulsa, and Jamal Badawi, a member of the Islamic Society of North America Fiqh Council, were the featured speakers at the event, which was sponsored by the Islamic Society of Tulsa.

    The debate stemmed from comments Safa made last summer at an anti-terrorism rally in Tulsa. Muslims against terrorism attended the rally and reportedly were offended when Safa said Muslims could not be friends with Christians.

    Badawi, of Halifax, Nova Scotia, told the crowd that members of the two religions have many reasons to be friends with each other. “

  6. Love how Saba, at the end, wraps herself in victimhood… pretending that she has been attacked and violated by Dr. Glazov and Ms. Darwish.

    The poor, defenseless liar in the headscarf…. we should pity her! No, Saba, we see right through you. Islam is all about domination, without apology. Murder, without apology. Rape and violence, without apology.

    Sorry, sister, your token debate points are worthless here.

    Thanks to you again, Dr. Glazov, and to Ms. Darwish, for enlightening the naive and ignorant among us.

    Please continue your good work!

  7. Hi Jamie:

    I found the “debate” between Saba, the Muslima, and Nonie, the ex-Muslima, quite instructive, for it illustrates very clearly (to me at least) why it is impossible to have a reasonable or “logical” conversation with a devout Muslim. I have watched a number of these so-called debates between Muslims and non-Muslims and have come to the conclusion that debate is clearly useless (unless it is to illustrate the utter futility of such “debates:) because Muslims begin with a completely different set of logical and critical thinking criteria from what we in the “west” might consider valid.

    On the subject of taqiyya, the Islamic concept of telling lies to further the cause of Allah, Saba begins by reading verses from the Koran which appear to indicate that lying is a sin in Islam. Then of course Nonie retorts by citing other verses that clearly mandate Muslims to tell lies to infidels when it is to the advantage of the Muslims to do so.

    The moderator quite correctly points out what appear to be obvious contradictions in the Koran, but Saba still cannot see any contradiction between the verses condemning lying and those not only permitting the practice but commanding Muslims not to make friends with infidels but to present a friendly face in order to deceive them. Nonie them points out that such words as “hatred,” “lies,” and “deceit” are quite clear to everyone in any language, Arabic or English. How then can Saba not see the contradiction in the use of these terms? Instead she again points to the verses that she says condemn the practice. Of course in Christianity or any other religion believers feel free to use whichever verse they wish from their scriptures of holy texts whenever it suits them without feeling the need to explain any apparent contradictions.

    However, there is an important difference in this case. Nonie explains that as a Muslim she was conditioned to hold two separate or completely opposite ideas in her head at the same time and still feel perfectly comfortable about it. but once again Saba tries to explain away the contradictions by pointing to passages in the Koran which say that Allah, as the author of the Koran. is a perfect god and therefore cannot make a mistake or contradict himself. The Koran itself says that it is a perfect book, being the in-create, eternally valid word of god, and since it is the final word of god it is obviously – at least to a Muslim – incapable of containing contradictions.

    In her final summation Saba simply goes back to the Koran and reads verses that appear to confirm her argument. However, throughout the entire discussion she never actually answers a direct question about Islam but simply repeats what she has been saying all along, namely that there are no contradictions in the Koran because the Koran says there are no contradictions in the Koran. Therefore, as a Muslim she has no need to deal with the issue because, in her mind, there can be no contradiction because Allah says so. She concludes by referring to Koran 10:64 (“… no change can be made in the words of Allah…”) and Koran 11:1 (“…[This is] a Book, the Verses whereof are perfected in every sphere of knowledge, and then explained in detail from One [Allah]…”).

    There is no contradiction in the Koran because it is the word of Allah who by definition cannot contradict himself (herself/itself?). Therefore a Muslim sees no contradiction whatsoever in the Koran. End of argument. In any case you cannot criticize or point out contradictions in a “sacred” text to a true believer who uses only the text to “prove” the truth of the text. A classic example of trying to hoist yourself up by your own boot straps.

  8. When it comes to any ideology or philosophy there are so many things thought and spoken. As it goes with the Quran, it also is the same for the Bible. Teachers rise up and teach things that are not written in those books. Even translations can fail. So, it creates a lot of confusion and this is a big challenge. Knowing exactly what the books say and being honest about that is the only way to clear up any confusion. God is love and the ultimate judge over humanity. Regardless of what anyone’s ideology, religion, or philosophy, LOVE should reign and dictate our actions toward one another. In the Bible, in chapter one of the book of Romans, Paul the Apostle tells us that we all have a law unto ourselves even if we don’t believe in God’s sacrifice through Christ, and that some people have their consciences seared so that they don’t live according to that law written on their hearts by the Creator. Right here is a big clue to the greater problem of all humanity. Our sinful nature wages a warfare against our spiritual nature and the conscience God gave to each one of us at conception. What is worse is the bad ideas that are intermingled with our sinful natures. It produces all kinds of sordid, twisted, evil, sensual, earthly and demonic results. At the root, at the heart of all the evil we see being produced by Islam today, or by any other group, religious or civic, or from governments, is a rejection of God and His love and an inner conscience to do what is right to our neighbors and our enemies.

    1. It is possible because of the doctrine of Abrogation; that is, the earlier (peaceful) verses were written early in mohammed’s career, when he had no power and nobody feared him. That was before the hijra, when he and followers fled Mecca for Medina. Meccans found him to be annoying and dangerous. Remember, in Medina his tactics changed and he discovered the appeal of booty from robbing peaceful caravans, and acquiring beautiful women and girls to rape and sell into prostitution. Violence as a religion earned him many more recruits than a fake hybrid of Judaism/Christianity. Koran is arranged not chronologically, but in order of the length of the verses. Unless you know this, it isn’t clear that the older his religion became, the more violent it grew. All the verses are equally valid for moslems. But Abrogation states that the newer verses erase the older verses. So moslems get to say the peaceful verses are the most important when it suits their purposes – to hide the truth. But there is also truth in what the violent imams demand of the faithful — the lying, taqiyya, theft, terror and murder, and the rest of it. The hijabbed muslima knows this on some level. She only pulled out the victim card when she had lost the debate.

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"United in Hate: The Left's Romance With Tyranny and Terror."