The Unknown: To Be Raped Under Islam

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In this new episode of The Unknown, Anni Cyrus discusses To Be Raped Under Islam, revealing the horror she endured under the Islamic Republic — and how she prevailed and is fighting back. 

And make sure to watch the previous Uknown episode, in which Anni helped us in Understanding the Islamic Republic Through the Qur’an.

Why is the Islamic Republic so viciously oppressive of women? Anni connects the dots:

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8 thoughts on “The Unknown: To Be Raped Under Islam”

  1. thank you so much, dear woman, for your bravery in sharing your true life experience in order that Americans might be forewarned about the true nature and aspirations of those who adhere to the ideology of Islam.

  2. Hi Aynaz Anni ~ You experienced a very personal assault and I hope you do not physically suffer from it; of course, any memory of it will be negative to varying degrees. You could have a mother who would seem to enjoy shaming you endlessly; I know of mothers like that. I also had a female supervisor who was talking with me during a time when I was having PTSD symptoms after fighting off an attempted rape and she said, “My roommate was raped last month. But she was drunk.” I forgot for a minute that I was talking to my boss and said, “No one deserves to be raped, not even if they’re drunk.” So the USA has laws against rape but we can still be surprised by the comments from some women who apparently are more comfortable with blaming the victim than they are comfortable with understanding what happened and how the woman goes forward with her life. Is she going to be afraid of all men? Is she going to suddenly lock all her car doors when stopped at a light and she notices a man approaching on the sidewalk?

    Our president wanted sympathy for his experience of hearing car doors lock as he walked by a car, and he made it all about himself. He said it was because he’s black. I want to give him a kick and tell him that a woman has the right to 1) forget to lock all her car doors as soon as she returns to her car, and 2) feel fearful of anyone who is coming close to her car. These times offer no guarantee of safety to anyone from men, women and teenagers of any color. I hope for your continued recovery and healthy acceptance that the USA has laws that offer justice. But along the way to receiving justice, we will probably hear unkind people blaming the victims because those unkind people are lazy thinkers. Who knows why they are like that. Maybe they have lead poisoning or have some other brain injury. It’s my continued hope that you CONTINUE to be aware of your surroundings.

    So silly of our president to talk as if he had been a victim because of someone locking their car doors when noticing him! He’s almost as disgusting as the radical male Muslims who defend raping because “my Qur’an says I can take the infidel.”

    1. I agree. I also mourn for the vacuousness by which some call jihad an American condition. I pray for our release, & Europe’s, as well. Peace!

  3. This really more for Gert Weeders talk. The bitter irony is that
    while the lib left PC crowd say all cultures are equal. The Muslims do not subscribe to cultural relativism as they in fact think their culture is superior to that of the West

  4. My respects to you Anni, you are the kind of immigrant I would heartily accept to integrate in my country also, I have a sister who studied Islam and once embraced an Arab way of life until her children were threatened with honor killing after a rape by an uncle, my sister still lives in fear for herself and her female children having escaped the tyranny of Islamic sharia. and are now ironically protected under US law.
    All Muslims “sing from the same hymn-sheet” and it is not compatible with our predominately Christian way of life and laws in the west, we are taught when young to “do as the Romans do when in Rome” and as such we should expect any Muslim cumming to live in our countries to change their ways to integrate and fit in with our cultures first and foremost or stay in a Muslim country where one is compatible.

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