The UNSTOPPABLE Freedom Team: Aynaz Anni Cyrus and Jamie Glazov

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Above is a picture of The UNSTOPPABLE Freedom Team: Aynaz Anni Cyrus and Jamie Glazov.

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Did you miss the recent episode of The Unknown, in which Anni Cyrus helped us in Understanding the Islamic Republic Through the Qur’an?

If you did miss it, watch it now. You will learn why the Islamic Republic is so viciously oppressive of women. Because Anni connects the dots:

And did you miss the new Jamie Glazov Moment, in which Jamie discussed The “Not All Muslims Do That” Suicidal Charade? He unveiled how a leftist malicious ploy masquerades as humanitarianism but deceives and destroys.

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2 thoughts on “The UNSTOPPABLE Freedom Team: Aynaz Anni Cyrus and Jamie Glazov”

  1. Aynaz Anni ~ thanks for the info that the Islamic Republic of Iran can assign “Muslim” on a child’s birth certificate even though the child is not born Muslim. I’ve heard the the ethnicity very commonly is Persian in Iran. Maybe it’s tiring for you to witness the effort of many to define you as an ex- Muslim; I haven’t gone beyond just accepting that you were born in Iran and fortunately are experiencing human rights in the USA.

    I read the YouTube comments for this video and found one from Star Dust to be incorrect. Maybe it can be removed like what was done with the ones about FGM, because that was in Star Dust’s comments but not mentioned in your video. She said being Muslim is a race; I’m sure that is incorrect. She implied FGM is prescribed by the Qur’an but I’ve read credible sources that say it is a cultural practice that women perpetuate on young females because they believe they will not be chosen as a wife if they are “open” ~ not sewn up after the drastic circumcision. Of course, barely enough of an opening is left for urine to pass through and many become very sick with a lifetime of physical problems because of the cultural procedure. I saw a video of a young woman who said she is “open” and no one wants to marry her but she is not receiving any Sharia-related punishment for not having it done to her.

    Thanks again for your care in giving the info you know. I hope you are not insulted by cruel comments because the Internet is full of angry people who want to let out their anger somewhere and not get in trouble for it, so they direct it at someone who will not fight back. We can be sorry for them.

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