Video: Jamie Glazov Introduces Geert Wilders at Restoration Weekend

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Below is the video of Frontpage Editor Jamie Glazov’s introduction of Geert Wilders at David Horowitz Freedom Center’s 20th Anniversary Restoration Weekend.

And don’t miss Jamie’s interview with Geert Wilders on The Glazov Gang — the episode that won the Glazov Gang 2014 Episode of the Year Award:

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4 thoughts on “Video: Jamie Glazov Introduces Geert Wilders at Restoration Weekend”

  1. Excellent interview. GW is very articulate. I was disappointed
    to hear him refer to Thatcher and Reagan as his heroes. Perhaps because they stood up to communism. Thatcher was a disaster for working people in UK and did more damage to the country than the Luftwaffe. She was also a strong supporter of the apartheid regime in South Africa and Pinochet’s fascist regime in Chile, as for Reagan I do not think he was much good for USA either, it was a result of his deregulation of the financial sector in US that lead to the meltdown in 2008.
    He also supported the apartheid regime in SA.
    Still GW is a great man and I wish him success in his endeavours. A pity he cannot meet with Obama and enlighten him!

    1. Dear BC,

      If Thatcher and Reagan can’t be your heroes, then who?

      You would lay the financial meltdown of 2008 at the feet of Reagan? Unbelievable. It was his policies that made it so easy for Bill Clinton to appear presidential.

      Get your historical facts straight before weighing in publicly.

    2. Their support for Apartide was not because they believed in it. Similar to supporting Stallin in WWII there was a bigger goal….stopping the Soviet Union. If they abandoned Chili & SA the Soviets would have filled the void and had another domino for Africa and S.A.

      1. Actually their support was not for Apartide it was for South Africa in spite of Apartide. Look at the end result…. Apartide crumbled.

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