The Unknown: Nightmare of Being a Woman Under Islam

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In this new episode of The Unknown, Anni Cyrus shares a Nightmare of Being a Woman Under Islam, telling  a heart-wrenching true story.

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And don’t miss one of the most powerful episodes of The Unknown, in which Anni discusses To Be Raped Under Islam, revealing the horror she endured under the Islamic Republic — and how she prevailed and is fighting back.

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6 thoughts on “The Unknown: Nightmare of Being a Woman Under Islam”

  1. Thank you for sharing this heart wrenching story Ani. I cannot imagine the anguish and trauma this young person went through. Thank goodness she escaped to the USA and converted to Christianity where I hope she finds some solace.
    I hope her daughter escapes too. She is certainly not to blame for coming into the world despite the tragic circumstances.
    Just out of interest was this young woman of a sect of Islam that is particularly discriminated against?



  2. I cried listening to this girls story. The pain of losing her brother and her child is almost too much to bare. The torture of this young woman for a false ideology or any ideology is barbaric and evil. God, free these people, I pray.

  3. Anni, I just discovered you at The Glazov Gang. God bless you for giving a voice to these women. Their stories must be heard.

    1. Jeanne-

      Although I discovered the Glazov Gang perhaps three years ago, I rather inexplicably did not “discover” Anni until quite recently. She speaks for the silent and is an extraordinarily powerful voice for those who can listen with an open heart. Sadly, it seems to me, that excludes many- if not most- Moslems.

      May Americans not forget that under the leadership of Barak Hussein Obama, back in 2009 America sided with the murderous mullahs of Iran as Iranians opposed to their theft of an election were decimated. Oh yes, and the perfidious hand of HRC was involved with that decision.

  4. I’ve heard things like this now they kill what they call gay men then how can they do things to small boys and say it’s right

    1. They do horrifying things to women who, the men believe, have “dishonored” them, who disobey or are believed to have disobeyed, and to children….they can “marry” young girls and perform female genital mutilation on them, and sodomize boys…throw homosexual men off of tall buildings, .kill anyone who won’t convert to Islam and all with Allah’s blessing, and according to Mohammed’s dictates.

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