Jamie Glazov Moment: We Love You Asia Bibi

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In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie proclaims We Love You Asia Bibi, speaking on behalf of a Christian mother of five who is awaiting execution for loving Jesus in solitary confinement in Pakistan. He shares her horrifying ordeal and asks: Who will stand for her?  

And make sure to watch the popular Jamie Glazov Moment in which Jamie discussed A Muslim With a Cleaver — and Islam, analyzing whether Alaa Abu Jamal really murdered Rabbi Yeshayahu Krishevsky because of Jewish settlements.

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5 thoughts on “Jamie Glazov Moment: We Love You Asia Bibi”

  1. Dear Jamie, Don’t worry about Asia bibi,s cruelty and unjust suffering by the hands of Pakistani Muslims if the Europeans and USA media and political elite did not raise the voice for Asia. Very soon this kind of things will happen in Europe and America. Freedom of speech is already nearly gone in these countries. Those countries have given asylum to many Muslims and will pay the heavy price in near future. I praise the Asia Bibi that she did not dined the Christ . May God of the Bible bless her and you.

  2. I have signed many times in favor of Asia Bibi, through ACLJ, GoCitizen and maybe others, as have many others. Maybe now there will be a reaction from the Pakistani government about a possible release! Do you have a site where I can add my name?

  3. How about Mr Jeff Sessions? He is a congressmen and not afaird to speak out against things that are not right? He is very religious too..

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