Stephen Coughlin on ‘Catastrophic Failure’ — on The Glazov Gang

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This special edition of The Glazov Gang was joined by Stephen Coughlin, the co-founder of and the author of the new book, Catastrophic Failure.

He came on the show to discuss his book and How American Leadership is Blindfolding America in the Face of Jihad.

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And make sure to watch the special edition of The Glazov Gang that was joined by Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center who writes the blog The Point at

Daniel discussed Why Jews Aren’t Allowed to Pray at the Holiest Site in Judaism, unveiling the ugly world of Muslim segregationist racism – and the world’s indifference.

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4 thoughts on “Stephen Coughlin on ‘Catastrophic Failure’ — on The Glazov Gang”

  1. Big Fan of Jamie Glazov. Speaks the truth & nothing but the truth. The big question is. When are American politicians going to wake up to the jihad threat. That the Muslim elite & Muslim terrorist groups are undermining democracy not only in the U.S. but in every western country for that matter. I only see hope for the U.S. only if a president candidate whose got the intellect & guts to confront extremist Islam & islam as religion is elected into office. Until then… the future looks very worrying.

  2. It’s been clear for three decades now that, to the “observant” (i.e. those really watching), our OODA loop is not working to effectively deal with the several threats (the violent and the stealth) from the Islamo-Nazis. (OODA Loop = Observe, Orient, Decide, Act). Consequently, the Obama administration can get by using rope-a-dope as he is aided and abetted by a large swath of the media. Essentially, we are being denied enough information (Observations) in order for most Americans to develop an Orientation about what they’re seeing. Result? We cannot develop an effective response (valid Decisions & corresponding Actions) to deal with reality. Myths are spun and sustained so that enough Americans cannot really see/observe and become oriented to the idea that “Islam is a religion of peace”. The armed gang down the street does so many good things don’t ya know — a surrogate family, camaraderie, jobs for disadvantaged youth……

  3. Jamie,

    If you have Stephen on again as a guest, perhaps you could ask him about the changes to the Federal Register in ca. January 2014. An acquaintance of mine, who just retired from DHS had worked out of Atlanta airport, said these changes essentially now allow terrorists to come into the country. (He is an anti-terrorism intelligence officer with specialty in Hamas and Tablighi Jamaal and made numerous trips to Israel while working with DHS. ) Although he did not specifically say, he may be referring to “watchlist” type information. They are no longer allowed to even put certain information into DHS computers. As he said, “What am I supposed to do? I took an oath to the Constitution. He also said that “instead of being promoted nine times, I’ve been investigated nine times.” Many of his colleagues were reassigned. This gentleman, who I believe knows Stephen through his work, also briefed Congressional committees while in DHS, and when he told them what is going on he says “their faces literally turn pale”.

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