How The Fall Affected Animals – on The Glazov Gang

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This special edition of The Glazov Gang was joined by Dr. Peter Hammond, the founder of Frontline Fellowship. He came on the show to discuss How The Fall Affected Animals, unveiling how animals had greater capabilities before Adam and Eve’s rebellion in Eden. [See Part I: Will Animals Be in Heaven?]

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10 thoughts on “How The Fall Affected Animals – on The Glazov Gang”

  1. This religious subject is way out. Whats next , how many angels can stand on the tip of a needle, can god make a stone so big that he cant lift it ? Now come back to reality, 130 died in Paris and you discuss animal behavior in the garden of eden, are you out your mind ?

    1. oh come on. why so harsh. you’re not the only person jamie has in mind when he chooses a topic. and how do you know jamie’s schedule. he probably has many topics with guests to discuss them. and most likely has to date these topics ahead of time.

      i, for one as an animal lover was very comforted by this topic re. animals!

      if you do not know much re. certain subjects why get angry and comment on it. please tone it down. you may know about ‘religion’ but not so much re. the Word of God. now, please don’t get angry, just read it.

    2. Jamie G. where did you find this lunatic. Talking about Adam and Eve as thougn it was real event is evidence of mental illness.
      If it is true then the human race is founded on incest!

    3. This is VERY relevant. Do you know how the Muslims (who are being brought into our culture) are taught to treat animals? They drain animals of their blood while ALIVE because they believe that is the food is “blessed” that way. They believe dogs are dirty and evil and they throw them off buildings; they have children decapitate cats to practice beheading. We are a Judaeo-Christian culture – we love our pets and are merciful and compassionate toward animals. Jamie has good judgment. I believe God put this on Jamie’s heart.

  2. Perhaps a better topic would be: Did the Book of Genesis prophecy about the descendants of Ishmael becoming a wild ass of a people come true? Or, what really happened to the “Lost” tribes of Israel?

    1. Maybe you should set up your own talk show on line as Jamie does. That way you can pick and choose your own subjects to talk about. You do sound interesting.

  3. Thank you so much Jamie for bringing up this subject, “How the fall affected the Animals” with Dr. Peter Hammond. In this fallen world God directs us to see His good and righteous saving work. I’m looking forward to Part 2!

  4. Hammond’s off on several points, highly speculative, and full of wishful thinking concerning the “souls” of animals.
    The Bible, written for humans, explicitly tells us we are created in the image of God in contrast to the rest of the animals. It does not explicitly tell us about the creation of angels, but it does call them Sons of God, which refers to their likeness to God just as much as Genesis 1 says mankind is created in the likeness of God.

  5. Thank you for this interview! I’ve always known since I was a kid that my pets and all animals will be in heaven. God created them, he wouldn’t banish them to “nothingness”. This was a feel good interview and I needed it with everything going on in the world.

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