Nonie Darwish Moment: Hiding Tashfeen Malik’s Face

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This special edition of The Glazov Gang presents The Nonie Darwish Moment. An ex-Muslim who is the author of The Devil We Don’t Know, Nonie focuses on Hiding Tashfeen Malik’s Face, unveiling the sad reasons the photo of the San Bernardino female terrorist was held from the public for a few days.

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3 thoughts on “Nonie Darwish Moment: Hiding Tashfeen Malik’s Face”

  1. Yes. “Americans need to wake up and smell the jihad.”

    And smell both. The terrorist/militant one ans the stealth one that has penetrated the highest American government levels. Even the CIA chief, Brennan, converted to Islam. So much for “intelligence”.

  2. “The priorities of President Obama are not with his people” saith the Egyptian media. President Obama doesn’t see the American people as his people. He sees the Democratic Party as his people. He sees the rich liberals and the eternally aggrieved groups as his people. The socialist parties, the rich movers and shakers and the perpetually oppressed around the world are his people. The working classes, the middle classes, the conservatives and the parties that represent them are his enemies, wherever they are around the world.

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