Herb London Moment: Obama’s ISIS Strategy and the Urgency for Additional Measures

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This special edition of The Glazov Gang presents The Herb London Moment with Herb London, the president of the London Center for Policy Research. He discusses Obama’s ISIS Strategy and the Urgency for Additional Measures, unveiling how the president doesn’t have a strategy for dealing with ISIS, but how there is a powerful one available to America and the West.

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4 thoughts on “Herb London Moment: Obama’s ISIS Strategy and the Urgency for Additional Measures”

  1. Herb London’s assertion is exactly correct. The West must revisit (for most, visit the first time) the underpinnings of “Western” civilization and commit it to memory — particularly the part where the United States enters the historical seen. Many years ago I learned that Psychological Operations (PSYOPS) messaging should target three audiences: the enemy, your own troops, and the population (to support or not support one side’s efforts or the other). If we look at what happened during the Vietnam conflict we will learn that, while US forces achieved tactical victories time and time again, the North Vietnamese strategically targeted our own (vulnerable to PSYOPS messaging) population. This was particularly acute in the aftermath of the 1968 Tet Offensive. This morning I saw a 50 year old speech (given in September 1960) of Presidential candidate John F. Kennedy defending himself as a Catholic against charges that he would have to be politically beholding to the Pope at Rome. So as early as 50 years ago, quite a few Americans were still cognizant/literate of what happened during the Dark/Middle Ages in Europe with regard to Church-State monopoly, a phenomena that early American Colonists, such as the Pilgrims, wanted to vociferously escape. Now, we have an enemy that wants to return to another Dark Age. But for this next Dark Age the name of the “church” is different and actual implementation of their “religious” doctrine and political control would be much worse. Sadly, as most of Earth has spent the last 6,000 years trying to pull our pants up, many in the current so-called Western Civilization strive to pull them down and let more and more hang it all out, again. Useful to them is ensuring — by commission and omission — that vast swaths of humanity never remember how WE got here and what’s worth defending, to the death if needed, and what physical strength, resolve, and messaging is needed to repel and defeat this malevolent anachronism. We’ve been here before (i.e. the melding of Church-State socio-political total dominance), but this time there’s no place to escape to and start over if the Islamo-Nazis here and abroad win.

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