BREAKING NEWS: Zombie Army Dude Reads “United in Hate”

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rtThe Photo Contest of our time,
Diehard Readers of “United in Hate”,  is heating up into an On-The-Edge-Of-Your-Seat Thriller, leaving many fans in awe and spellbinding suspense.

Now a new contribution (above) by Laura Harbison, Zombie Army Dude Reads “United in Hate”, has sent reverberating shock waves through the panel of judges and exhilarated audience.

She writes: — “I found this zombie army dude cruising around on the golf course near my house. He seemed hungry so I spoon-fed him your juggernaut of a book: United In Hate – The Left’s Romance With Tyranny And Terror! He loved every single solitary word! And he is thrilled that he busted out of his grave just in time to help rid the world of this Caliphate!” ‪#‎apocageddon‬

The whole album can be seen here. And contributions can be made directly on Jamie’s Facebook Page.

A selection of some of the most AMAZING, RIVETING AND FRIGHTENING contributions are posted below.


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See whole album here. Contribute directly on Jamie’s Facebook Page.

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