Anni Cyrus Moment: A Day in the Life of a Woman Under Sharia

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This special edition of The Glazov Gang presents The Anni Cyrus Moment with Anni Cyrus, the Glazov Gang’s producer.

Anni discussed A Day in the Life of a Woman Under Sharia, sharing how the Islamic Gulag tried to dehumanize her — and how she shattered its chains and escaped to freedom.

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And make sure to watch the special episode of The Unknown in which Anni discusses To Be Raped Under Islam, revealing the horror she endured under the Islamic Republic — and how she prevailed and is fighting back.

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17 thoughts on “Anni Cyrus Moment: A Day in the Life of a Woman Under Sharia”

  1. Muslims in the West are not asking for Sharia to be the law of the land. The Law of the land is the only law applicable and executable in affairs of the individuals.

    All they are seeking is to let Sharia be available as an alternative to resolve their spousal and contractual disputes between two individuals. That is their prerogative. Indeed, every human, no matter who it is, goes first to their family members and friends for seeking solutions to their problem some will go to their clergy (all religions) and some will appoint a mediator.

    When Muslims go to their clergy, he or she will look up similar situations in the past and guide the couple or business partners to find a solution, since the immigrant Muslims are familiar with the Sharia laws, they may accept it, and if they do, that is good for them.

    The problem is that of trust – when the parties agree to the terms per their Imam/clergy, and don’t abide by it, there is no way the aggrieved party can seek damages for the violations. This is what Muslims are asking, to make that binding.

    Indeed, it would be binding if they go to the judge and say, we have agreed to these terms and conditions per our religious conviction, and seek the judge to sign the order and the court order becomes executable. The judge looks to it as mediator resolved decision and signs it and it will become executable. The right wing Americans are downright stupid and making a bid deal about this, as if Sharia will become the law of the land.

    What Muslims have is Personal Sharia, that is a private relationship between the individual and God. How they pray, worship, fast, pay zakat, how they bury their individuals, marry per the requirement as a religious rite. All of that is a private matter and does not need any regulation or execution.

    1. Don’t live in America if you want to be judged by sharia. Move to Syria or Iraq where it’s being implemented to the fullest extent. If you say you love Allah then do what his messenger tells you to do as the Quran states. You know you can’t pick and choose what part of sharia you want. It’s all or nothing so in that case, leave the western world and make Allah and his messenger happy….but you know that won’t happen because you know sharia is a prevented ,tyrannical, man made, evil law system that you wouldn’t want to live under and be in fear of making a mistake and then be subjected being stoned or crucified or have your head severed as your beloved prophet did to those who were munafiq.(hypocrites) and you know you are. Just that fact that you only want PART of sharia as an option is proof of that. Are you really afraid of your own “religion of peace”?

    2. I don’t agree with your assertion that Muslims don’t want Sharia Law to be the Law of the Land. Of course they want Sharia Law to be the Law of the Land hence the reason why the majority of Muslim countries have Sharia Law as the Law of the Land and the same reason why America Muslims openly say that want Sharia to be the Law of the Land. And I see absolutely no reason why Sharia Law should intertwined with common law concerning marriage or any other thing as you would have it. So in the one hand you claim that Muslims only want “Personal Sharia” but on the other hand you claim that Muslims want civil judges to recognize certain parts of “Sharia Law” as “Binding” on individuals. Your contradictory beliefs concerning Sharia Law are exposed. In America we have our own common law already and if Muslims don’t like it then I suggest they move to a Muslim country which adheres to Sharia Law so their so called “grievances” can be appeased.

    3. Ridiculous! When entering into a Sharia based determination, the woman is essentially signing her rights away through duress and contrary to western law. Should a deal made between an abused spouse and her a husband be binding in a Western Land. If a woman were to shun sharia, she would be an outcast of her community and family, in some cases it could lead to justification under Sharia law of an honor killing.

      If one wants to be bound by such laws that in many cases are darn right hostile and could be violent, they should not be valid in any western nation. The law in our land must apply the same to all citizens and guests, there aren’t two sets of laws. Once you start down that slippery slope it will only end badly!

    4. Iftikhar-

      Muslims in the West are not asking for Sharia to be the law of the land. The Law of the land is the only law applicable and executable in affairs of the individuals.

      All they are seeking is to let Sharia be available as an alternative to resolve their spousal and contractual disputes between two individuals.

      There is just one thing wrong with this happy talk: it is utterly untrue. I will not judge your motives, even though I suspect at very least you are consciously ignoring an enormous volume of evidence to the contrary. So you may be deceiving yourself, the worst person to deceive, as you engage in your effort to deceive others, but that does not render you any less deceptive.

      As just one example, I will cite a passage from Ikhwan’s Plan for North America, from the Moslem Brotherhood’s American branch (as cited in Brigitte Gabriel’s “They Must Be Stopped”, p. 79)

      “The process of settlement [of Islam in the United States] is a ‘Civilization-Jihadist’ process with all that word means. The Ikhwan’s must understand that all their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ their miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all religions.”

      In other words, Islam does not come here to co-exist on an equal basis with other ideologies or with religions: it comes to dominate. You and those who share your supremacist ideology seek to either make me a Moslem, become a dhimmi with nothing of the rights on which the USA was founded, or die. It is very easy to see that in the daily utterances of all too many Moslems in the West; moreover there is ample historical evidence and theological support this position in the house of Islam. You chose to deceive people (possibly including yourself) into believing otherwise.

      One thing I do not understand is why so many Moslems are such utterly deceptive people. I suspect you will convert few people who frequent this site of your disingenuous words.

      Oh yes, and Merry Christmas!

    5. So suppose you have personal sharia and a woman says “I don’t want your Sharia. I prefer the law of the land I am in”? What then?
      If you say the law of the land takes precedence than you accept Sharia is an unenforceable law. People can believe it if they want and abide by it if they want but no one is bound by it.
      Now Catholics do have Canon law and it applies to Catholics but they do not claim it applies to other people.
      hadi Hamid, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and the author of Islamic Exceptionalism: How the Struggle Over Islam is Reshaping the World, states that Western suppositions that all religions are basically the same and want the same things is fundamentally wrong.

      These differences, Hamid contends, run all the way from views of the sacred text (Muslims believe that every single word of the Qur’an comes directly from Allah) to an understanding of the nature of the state and its relationship to religion.

      Hamid declares that the difference between Christianity and Islam regarding the state stem from the differences in each faith’s central figure. Whereas Jesus preached giving to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s, Muhammad united faith and the state in his own person.

      “Unlike Jesus,” Hamid states, “Muhammad was both prophet and politician. And more than just any politician, he was a state-builder as well as a head of state. Not only were the religious and political functions intertwined in the person of Muhammad, they were meant to be intertwined.”

      “To argue for the separation of religion from politics, then, is to argue against the model of the very man Muslims most admire and seek to emulate,” Hamid argues.

      Because of this, Hamid concludes, Islam “doesn’t lend itself as easily to modern liberalism,” the model of democracy adopted by the Judeo-Christian West.

      For Islam, Allah only truly reigns where Muslim law—sharia—is practiced as the law of the land.
      Most Muslim-majority countries incorporate sharia at some level in their legal framework, with many calling it the highest law or the source of law of the land in their constitution.[140][141] Most use sharia for personal law (marriage, divorce, domestic violence, child support, family law, inheritance and such matters).[142][143] Elements of sharia are present, to varying extents, in the criminal justice system of many Muslim-majority countries.[11] Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Brunei, Qatar, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Sudan and Mauritania apply the code predominantly or entirely while it applies in some parts of Indonesia.[11][144]

      Where is the tolerance of non sharia non muslims law in those countries? Yet you expect Sharia to be tolerated even when Muslims are a tiny minority?

  2. Thank you for your testimony Anni. I was reminded of the edicts issued by the Nazis which encouraged SS members to impregnate “Aryan” women and for the women to do so willingly to advance the Nazi state and the “Aryan” race; to not even marry so more men would be available to sustain and spread the Third Reich worldwide. Seems like with Mohammedism the women as sex and birth objects is much much worse and conforms to classical Arab culture and tribalism.

    I would like to see a presentation which exposes the much suppressed aspect of homosexuality and pedophilia within the Islamo-Nazi milieu.

  3. Talk about the WAR ON WOMEN! I guess it doesn’t resonate with the women’s lib movement unless it comes into their back yard. If college students (and women in particular) protested in front of the mid-eastern embassies in the USA, and worldwide, about these atrocities, maybe, just maybe, things in the mid-east would change. Complaining about your lot in American life is like babies who need their pacifiers and then fuss over its texture, size, and function. Complaints about how “authentic” food is prepared on college campuses, PC speech that is “offensive” when it is really the truth being spoken (the gospel is foolishness to those who are perishing), and acts of violence whether on or off campus shows the rest of the world how spoiled children got more than they deserved without the discipline to earn it. I wonder if any American female would like to trade places.

  4. In regard to Sharia law, how can a human being do these things to other human beings. You would think that basic human feeling would somehow surface with these monsters, savages, barbarians, torturers, and criminals. It is religion gone wild. Shows you how stupid, phony, false, lying nonsense that religion is, but no one attacks religion itself or the stupid concept of Allah, a god that reigns over torture, beatings, killings, murders, beheading, hanging, burning, stoneing, whipping, amputations, and a very long list of other abuses of human beings. These people have left mankind and descended to another level of homo sapien. The only way to deal with these people is to kill them before they kill you. Someday the United States will wake up and it will be the United States against the Islamic world in a World War III fight to the death.

  5. @Iftikhar Ahmad “All they [Muslims in the West] are seeking is to let Sharia be available as an alternative to resolve their spousal and contractual disputes between two individuals. That is their prerogative.”

    It is not their prerogative! It is not their prerogative in the West! it is not their prerogative in the East! It is not their prerogative in Iran or Saudi Arabia, or Egypt or Syria, Pakistan, or Indonesia or anywhere on Earth!

    We live in one world Iftikhar Ahmad and it is the right of ALL humans, regardless of where they are, to equality and freedom and not live under ANY MEASURE of the barbaric Islamic Sharia law.

    The right to freedom from fear, Freedom from fear of your mythical but terrifying Islamic Hell, which you brainwash your children from birth, which engenders such a psychosis among Muslim men and women that even adults like you cannot free themselves from it. Freedom from the fear of violence if one leaves Islam or criticises it. All humans have the right to life the greatest right of all, which Islam denies to apostates or those who do not submit to its barbaric dictates.

    All humans have the right to equality without discrimination, which our democratic western laws give to our citizens but which the barbaric sharia denies.

    “All” you are asking for is “to let Sharia be available as an alternative to resolve their spousal and contractual disputes between two individuals”?

    Sorry Iftikhar Ahmad . The sharia law allows men to thrash their wives into submission, it stipulates that women inherit half that of their male siblings, that men can have 4 wives, That men can divorce their wives by saying divorce 3 times, that women have to be veiled, that they can be given in marriage by their male guardian the time they first start menstruating, that they cannot leave home without the permission of their male owner, that they can never prove rape and thus will be whipped or stoned if they dare to claim they have been raped.

    Sharia prescribes that there is no punishment for parents murdering their children and hence gives a free pass to “honour” killing of women. It treats Muslims above non-Muslims.

    And that is “ALL” you are asking for? Go you your Islamic hell Iftikhar Ahmad. Freedom will be victorious on this Earth and not your bloodthirsty enslaving Islam.

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