“Islamophobia” is How Islamic Law Comes to America — on The Glazov Gang

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This special edition of The Glazov Gang was guest-hosted by Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center who writes the blog The Point at Frontpagemag.com.

His guest was Nonie Darwish, the author of The Devil We Don’t Know. The discussion focused on: “Islamophobia” is How Islamic Law Comes to America, unveiling how the accusation of “racism” is installing Sharia on our shores.

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And make sure to watch Daniel’s BLOCKBUSTER interview with Robert Spencer, the Director of JihadWatch.org and the author of the new book The Complete Infidel’s Guide to ISIS.

The discussion focused on The Politically Correct War on Islam Truth-Telling, revealing how the Left’s silencing of honesty about Islamic Jihad is killing us:

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7 thoughts on ““Islamophobia” is How Islamic Law Comes to America — on The Glazov Gang”

  1. Muslims in the West are not asking for Sharia to be the law of the land. The Law of the land is the only law applicable and executable in affairs of the individuals.

    All they are seeking is to let Sharia be available as an alternative to resolve their spousal and contractual disputes between two individuals. That is their prerogative. Indeed, every human, no matter who it is, goes first to their family members and friends for seeking solutions to their problem some will go to their clergy (all religions) and some will appoint a mediator.

    When Muslims go to their clergy, he or she will look up similar situations in the past and guide the couple or business partners to find a solution, since the immigrant Muslims are familiar with the Sharia laws, they may accept it, and if they do, that is good for them.

    The problem is that of trust – when the parties agree to the terms per their Imam/clergy, and don’t abide by it, there is no way the aggrieved party can seek damages for the violations. This is what Muslims are asking, to make that binding.

    Indeed, it would be binding if they go to the judge and say, we have agreed to these terms and conditions per our religious conviction, and seek the judge to sign the order and the court order becomes executable. The judge looks to it as mediator resolved decision and signs it and it will become executable. The right wing Americans are downright stupid and making a bid deal about this, as if Sharia will become the law of the land.

    What Muslims have is Personal Sharia, that is a private relationship between the individual and God. How they pray, worship, fast, pay zakat, how they bury their individuals, marry per the requirement as a religious rite. All of that is a private matter and does not need any regulation or execution.

    1. 56 islamic countries in the world. sharia has created countries you don’t want to live in and from where people are fleeing. you just don’t get it mate. you’ll never get it.

    2. Sharia law is not an American made law so it cannot be used in America. If you want to follow Sharia law than live in a country where it is allowed.

    3. Our country’s constitution already allows for this just as it does for those of the Jewish faith. The more someone who feels this way learns about America the less they would need to request it to be allowed. It’s already allowed.

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