Stephen Coughlin Moment: 13 Hours – Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

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This special edition of The Glazov Gang presents The Stephen Coughlin Moment with Stephen Coughlin, the co-founder of and the author of the new book, Catastrophic Failure.

Stephen discussed 13 Hours – Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, focusing on a few crucial things not covered in the film.

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And make sure to watch The Stephen Coughlin Moment: The “Countering Violent Extremism” Deception, in which Stephen unveiled how the CVE narrative was fostered by the Muslim Brotherhood -– and how it negates countering terror.

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5 thoughts on “Stephen Coughlin Moment: 13 Hours – Secret Soldiers of Benghazi”

  1. Less than a week before Bengazi, I noticed on the news that they had a segment about the Muslims clamoring to have the blind shake released. I thought it peculiar to make that a story to air since they have always wanted him released. It turns out that the subject was apparently never brought up again. It seems apparent to me that in view of all the other condemning things regarding Ben Ghazi , that this was probably a planned “KIDNAPPING” attempt on the ambassador to make a big hero out of Obama when he got our ambassador back by giving up the blind Sheikh. Those soldiers defining the standdown orders created a lot more chaos resulting in the ambassador being killed, rather than being able to be carted away. Everything fits and is easily understandable when you take this theory into consideration.

    1. Steve,
      I’m not going to boggle my mind with theories. All I know is no one in gov. admitted to a stand down order. But there obviously was. This is not a theory. In the real “13” hours of the attack on the U.S. Post, there was filming of it by drones overhead, and we have the word of some of the men who wanted to assist/rescue our people under attack. Did anyone besides the two CIA agents on the ground that day 9/11/12 go to the assistance of the attack on Americans in Benghazi?

      Furthermore, if this was even about an offensive movie no one heard of; if our people are under attack we had better defend them no matter what or where the attack is taking place.

      Which brings me back to the object: Our soldiers were ordered to not defend the American post that awful day in Benghazi on 9/11 (of all times!) How do I know this? Just like everyone else in the world knows this – NO ONE (but the two who died) ARRIVED TO THE DEFENSE of that post in Benghazi. Why? They obviously did not get the clearance. They was no order to rescue our own people.

      America? Where are you? We need to wake up and straighten out this whole mess…NOW.

      1. Is this something that’s being investigated or Obama is free and clear! What an remarkable analogy! It’s most likely then not the truth and nothing but the truth! Thank you for speaking out and not staying silent! God Bless

        1. Obama has been cleared of NOTHING & is at the core of all the scandals of this government. It’s far worse than you know.. We have had an internal coo. — Exactly what you should expect from a Muslim communist revolutionary. It will soon be manifesting itself. Don’t expect any new President next year.

      2. What I said explains it all, just like the FACT that Obama is a Muslim explains his foreign policy all the way back to the biginning

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