To Love’s Long Last

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In this special feature of our issue today, we are running “To Love’s Long Last,” a poem selected from Michael Finch’s new collection of poetry, Finding Home.

To Love’s Long Last

Darkening mist envelops all;
Valley shrouded in gathering fear.
Light escapes out hopeful’s door;
Love’s lost down forbidden paths.
But despair not, for in darkness depth

Seen rising from the valley floor,
Comes a light sent from on high.
Shimmering white, moonlight-reflected,
Beauty and splendor, glittering bright,
Brilliant, and warm, a beacon to my heart.

Comfort me in your highest reaches,
Warm me in your gentle slopes.
Lead me to your open meadow,
Guide me with your mild graces.
Thank you, for your permitting heart.

Mountain, clear-blue crystal,
Deep-sapphire rich,
Alight with God’s touch,
Calls me to my knees
And open my heart to her.

When all is done, I have one final wish—
When life’s song is forever gone,
Faded from our distant breach,
end me to sky’s deep blue
And hold me tight, so dear.


cxA book from a new voice in poetry, Finding Home is a collection about home, nature, love, places in America, and a view of the plight of Christians in the world today. If your heart ever hearkens back to a simpler time and home, Finding Home will touch you in a way that poetry has not before.

Michael Finch is the president of the David Horowitz Freedom Center in Los Angeles. A true American patriot and defender of the Christian faith, he has spent his life fighting to preserve America’s freedom and liberties.

mfMike has been published widely in a number of journals and is a frequent speaker. This, his first book of poetry, will find its place in recapturing American culture.

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To order a copy, click here.

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One thought on “To Love’s Long Last”

  1. …so beautiful. I read them with tear-filled eyes; longing for that America I remember so well!

    Then ordered the book of poetry from Michael Finch.

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