Anni Cyrus Moment: Sentenced to Stoning in the Islamic Republic

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This special edition of The Glazov Gang presents The Anni Cyrus Moment with Anni Cyrus, the show’s producer.

Anni discussed Sentenced to Stoning in the Islamic Republic, asking if you know the name of the woman who was recently sentenced to death by stoning in Iran. If not, why not?

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And make sure to watch the special episode of The Unknown in which Anni discusses To Be Raped Under Islam, revealing the horror she endured under the Islamic Republic — and how she prevailed and is fighting back.

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2 thoughts on “Anni Cyrus Moment: Sentenced to Stoning in the Islamic Republic”

  1. How soon France bowed after $150 B was handed to an evil regime. Yours is a small voice in a massive deaf world.

  2. If only these knuckle dragging misogynists knew how close they came to being born female… It would be funny if it were’t so deadly. And that’s precisely why enlightenment will never be tolerated under Islam.. Hell, even western cultures still struggle with accepting the randomness of gender science. But the point of this Moment is to highlight the hypocrisy in the so called judgement – why even have “laws” if this sort of thing occurs in the 21st century? This doesn’t even deserve the title “law”. There is no justice even remotely related to this judgement. It’s barbarism. Period. And it’s allowed? That’s the point – it’s allowed. In the year 2015. And if we can’t be shocked at that, how about we keep it in sharp perspective when sharia comes knocking on our courtroom doors. (Imagine that…. )

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