Petition to Stop Silence About Christian Genocide

Spread the news has a petition to Secretary of State John Kerry in order to get America to end its silence about the genocide against Christians and other minority groups in Iraq and Syria. Please sign this petition before March 17 and share far and wide. 

caAnd make sure to watch the Glazov Gang’s special episode with Raymond Ibrahim, the Freedom Center’s Shillman Fellow and the author of  Crucified Again: Exposing Islam’s New War on Christians.”

Raymond shed light on Islam’s New War on Christians and the Obama administration’s deafening silence.

Don’t miss it:

Also tune in to the Glazov Gang‘s special edition: Is it “Christian” for Christians to Defend Themselves from Islamic Jihad?, which focused on what the New Testament really says about the ethical nature of Christian self-defense [Starts at the 12:40 mark].

The program was joined by Dr. Peter Hammond, a Christian missionary who is the Founder of Frontline Fellowship and Louis Lionheart, a Christian preacher who is the Founder of

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6 thoughts on “Petition to Stop Silence About Christian Genocide”

  1. Its hard to believe that this genocide and destruction of christian places of worship in the middle east is being ignored by the world. Mainly I think this is because of the example set by HUSSEIN OBAMA. His constant degradation of christianity has smoothed the path for the islamists to do as they please and flaunt their disdain and hatred via the most barbaric acts imaginable. Also to blame is the pope because of his inability to speak the truth about the threat we face from radical islam. Thirdly to blame is the risible UN which is controlled by states that have deplorable to say the least , human rights records. These states hang gays and demean women, yet the world is silent , not wanting to state the obvious – that not all civilizations are equal. Other leaders of churches, synagogues and academic institutions are also culpable in the ongoing christian genocide by their inactions and support of the left wing socialists who align themselves with the jihadists. All of these people are cowards = afraid of the truth. That the whole of Europe is silent as well indicates that their is little hope of reversing the trend towards sharia law implementation. Demographics too , ensures islamic domination. 50 years from now Europe as we know it will be gone – swamped by islam – as foretold by Colonel Gadaffi of Libya years ago .

    1. The East European countries do not support this madness but unfortunately they are not powerful enough to do anything about it. Hungary’s president being the most outspoken and critical of the EU.

    1. Ironically Its theoretically like during WW2 if you opposed nazis and said so , you were charged with a crime…

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