Video: Tommy Robinson on “Surviving Solitary Confinement.”

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Welcome to Part II of this special 2-part series of The Glazov Gang with Tommy Robinson, the founder and ex-leader of the EDL, the coordinator of Pegida UK and the author of his new memoir, Enemy of the State.

In this second part, Tommy focuses on Rotting in Solitary, sharing the excruciating ordeal he has endured in the UK prison system.

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And make sure you watch Part I in which Tommy discussed his memoir and his continuing fight against the Islamization of his country. He talked about his opposition to all forms of racism and the slanders against him, the British authorities’ persecution of him for being a British patriot, the vicious Islamic assault on his nation and the mass denial about it, and much, much more:

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One thought on “Video: Tommy Robinson on “Surviving Solitary Confinement.””

  1. Tommy Robinson is a courageous man. More than that, I find him eminently believable.

    I am grateful Jamie gave him the opportunity to explain himself. He had some growing up to do in his younger years- well he wasn’t the only one, ahem. But the crimes of which he was found guilty are absolute chickenshit compared with the horrendous capitulation to evil that the UK’s national leaders have perpetrated on their nation.

    I would wonder what the quisling Theresa May (I am guessing it was she) thinks when she knows she covers for the predators of young English girls at the hands of Moslem men drugging and gang-raping them as part of their civilizational jihad.

    Sadly, particularly given the result of the last two presidential elections in the USA, I fear my country is headed down the same path. With people like Jamie leading the fight for civilization, there still is hope for the USA.

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