Tommy Robinson vs. Islamic Supremacism: Special 2-Part Video Series

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Welcome to our special 2-Part Glazov Gang video series with Tommy Robinson, the founder and ex-leader of the EDL, the coordinator of Pegida UK and the author of his new memoir, Enemy of the State.

In Part I, Tommy discusses his new memoir and his continuing fight against the Islamization of his country. He talked about his opposition to all forms of racism and the slanders against him, the British authorities’ persecution of him for being a British patriot, the vicious Islamic assault on his nation and the mass denial about it, and much more.

In Part II, Tommy focuses on Rotting in Solitary, sharing the excruciating ordeal he has endured in the UK prison system.

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Part I:

Part II:

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3 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson vs. Islamic Supremacism: Special 2-Part Video Series”

  1. Thank you Tommy Robinson. I’m Canadian and I am extremely worried about our new bi-polar muslim prime minister. The substitute drama teacher as he calls himself. I am not making this up. Turdeau actually said in an interview that yes he was a substitute drama teacher but that living in the same house as his father qualifies him to run a country with a multi-billion dollar economy and a 35 million people.

    1. I am also Canadian and also worried about the future. Trouble is too many Canadians remain clueless about the danger we are now in thanks to this moronic govt. The minister McCallum who brought in all these Syrians admits he has no idea how to integrate them. Yet they want to bring in even more then the 25000. originally promised. The situation with Tommy Robinson. shows what we can expect in the years to come. God help Britain andCanada and let us hope that the stupid people in both countries wake up before it is too late.

  2. He wasn’t tarring anyone. He sited specific people in specific places. Although I can’t say you would notice any difference if you tarred an already tar colored human.

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