Ann Marie Waters on “Islam Kills Women” — on The Glazov Gang

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This special edition of The Glazov Gang was joined by Ann Marie Waters, the Director of Sharia Watch UK and deputy leader of Pegida UK.  

Ann Marie discussed “Islam Kills Women” — the name of the protest that she will be holding on August 20, 2016 outside the Parliament in Westminster to bring attention to Islam’s oppression of women in the UK and abroad. [For more info on the protest, write Ann Marie via]

Ann Marie focused on Islam’s hazardous impact on free speech and women’s rights in Britain and around the world — and the way the government and culture are demonizing truth-tellers on this issue. She also brings attention to the myriad catastrophic consequences that opening borders to vast numbers of men from Sharia environments is having on the UK and the West.

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2 thoughts on “Ann Marie Waters on “Islam Kills Women” — on The Glazov Gang”

  1. I watched the short video clip of Jamie’s very moving interview with Ann Marie Waters. The question that occurred to me as I listened to the exchange is: what has happened to the political process in Britain that allows this behavior to continue? There must be many hundreds of thousands of Britons who share the concerns raised here that should put pressure on their political representatives to address this humanitarian crisis. This is how a democracy is supposed to work. Is this not happening? Why? I hope this matter is raised in future interviews on this topic.

    1. Seems to me it’s about time the Queen should enter this fray on the side of women, and girls.
      She would, perhaps, have the most to lose with a Shariah takeover.
      She should tell these Jihadists to abide by British laws, or go home.

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