Moronic Questions After Brussels – on The Glazov Gang

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This new special edition of the Glazov Gang was joined by Nonie Darwish, the author of The Devil We Don’t Know. The discussion focused on Moronic Questions After Brussels, analyzing why the media keeps searching for a “motive” in Islamic terror attacks — and asking the same stupid questions since 9/11.

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And make sure to watch Jamie Glazov’s speech at the Eagle Forum of California State Conference in 2015. He tackled The Media’s Willful Blindness about Islam, revealing the hazardous danger of the West deceiving itself about Islamic Jihad.

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2 thoughts on “Moronic Questions After Brussels – on The Glazov Gang”

  1. I believe that far too many Americans have succumbed to the siren pressure of being socially accepted rather than be right; right informed by the thousands of years of human experience. As one commentator said a couple of decades ago: We have spent thousands of year learning how to pull and keep our pants up. Now there are those that want all to hang out — again.

    And to be socially accepted one has to believe and parrot abject lies, lies propagated by out top “leaders” who are supposed to provide vision and a road map out of whatever challenges face us. But they don’t. Case in point is the person we elected twice who’s name “rhymes with Osama” and who immediately espoused the mime that America is not exceptional. America: Yes, flawed by fabulously exceptional in a positive sense not only for us but the world.

    America. The first peoples that declared genuine and unalienable rights come from their Creator. The first nation to fight for the freedom of another race not free within its borders. The first nation to win a global war in two vast theaters while simultaneously providing vast arms and supplies to its allies. The first to send space probes into the super far reaches of our immediate cosmos. And, yes, the first and only nation to land Americans on the moon, several times, and return them safely.

    Now, our “leader” has a vision and inspires, well, just exactly what? America is just too “White” and he’s going to change that, even though — as more cultures interact through commerce and travel — future generations are destined to be multi-racial and more “Beige” if you please? What about Freedom and opportunity for each human to, using an old US Army slogan, “Be All You Can Be” (as opposed to being what the centralized authority ALLOWS you to be)?

    Presently, we are being governed by aliens. And the head alien is Mr. Rhymes With…” Thoroughly alienated from the implications of human experience and Wisdom. Consequence: More to perish.

  2. We’re getting the same lame excuses about the Jihad from the “establishment” because these excuses are better than admitting the truth, which they must already know.

    We are the lab rats in some international social engineering “project”.

    See :

    Death Metal is not known for philosophical insight.

    However, note the Islamic submission at about 3.58 minutes, in conjunction with the hedonistic gov’t policy.

    This is “Eurotopia” from a Swedish band that probably sees the future better than we do.

    See also the Deathstars tune “Explode”. That’s how the coming European civil war works into the social engineering plan.

    Sound insane?

    Well, fact is, the opponents in war become more like each other in the course of the conflict : a long established fact.

    According to the Left’s Freudian, Frankfurt School thinking, sex conquers all hence, the orgy gov’t in the video.

    This is how the social engineers of the new International Western Empire, the American Progressive-European-Arabian “Eurotopian” power block, intend to counter the Russian and Chinese Empires.

    It’s all about power and empire, as it has always been.

    All this alarm about “bad” policy is really a waste.

    These Creeps known exactly what they are doing and they will keep on doing it until the inevitable happens, which they think they have all planned out, being so much smarter than we are.

    This, of course, is vanity and arrogance, the demise of all empires.

    Conclusion ; learn Chinese!

    Second choice would be Russian, but I think the Chinese are way ahead.

    My guess, anyway.

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