Please Help Tommy Robinson Get a Top Legal Team

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Tommy Robinson needs your help.

He has been beaten unconscious in prison and had his teeth knocked out.


Because he has told the truth about Islamic Supremacism.

When he received a long sentence for the flimsiest of reasons, he was put (on purpose) among Islamic violent offenders, including murderers.

Now, April 14, there is another court case against him for striking a fellow prisoner who was about to pour boiling water on his face.

A top legal team could make the difference between life and death.


11 thoughts on “Please Help Tommy Robinson Get a Top Legal Team”

  1. I chipped in for Tommy. Jamie’s website does not make it clear that the money in fact is going to TR. If you contribute to Tommy’s cause through the Glazov Gang, you might want to make a note to that effect.

    1. My bad here. Jamie has a link “CLICKING HERE” at the bottom of the article, where people can donate to Tommy. I mistakenly pressed the “Donate with PayPal” to the right of the article, where money goes to The Glazov Gang (hey, Jamie needs it too).

      I will email Jamie a request to transfer my contribution to Tommy’s cause.

      1. Just to let Jamie’s readers know of the upshot here, when I emailed Jamie, he promptly replied and graciously agreed to turn my contribution over to Tommy Robinson. Shortly thereafter, I received an email from someone I did not know, Dr. Elsa Schieder, saying that she had received the money I had mistakenly sent to Jamie.

        Elsa is interesting in her own right, as she provides, “Good thinking, critical thinking on political correctness, human flourishing, freedom of thought, freedom of speech” as well as her own thoughts on reality based ethics. I quite like her, think it would be a far better world if her perspectives were ascendant, and believe others may wish to check out her web site:

        1. I contributed by way of Gates of Vienna. They are supporting Elsa’s initiative.

          Somehow, I am on her mailing list. Not sure what I did to deserve it but it must have been something good.

          Go Elsa.

  2. You’ve forgot to mention that the charge Tommy is being tried for on the 14th is the same charge the DPP promised had been dropped.
    Also, living in the UK, what a great pity I’ve had to come on an American website to contribute to Tommy’s legal fund.
    It wasn’t just boiling water they’d set up to pour over him. It was boiling water with sugar in it which would have made his burns that much more serious. That mixture is called “napalm” by prisoners:

    1. From America some Donations have been sent, this is completely Insane. Cameron and those Wanks have sold out the UK to those Terrorist Scum. Now the people who’s families have lived their for generations are being bastardized and torn apart because of Idiots like Cameron, Merkle and Obama.. All 3 should be in maximum security Prisons with the very Terrorists they proclaim to be helping. Easy for those Wanks to sit back and cry discrimination from behind their security. They have destroyed several countries and a couple continents with their insanity.

    2. Yes. I saw the edited video the UK police put out to misrepresent that incident in prison. They asked Tommy the question in condemning fashion then cut it without showing Tommy’s response. I had to listen to hours of Tommy’s interviews before he explained that one. I hope more and more support comes his way. I also hope he is able to continue to be a good dad and husband through it all. I know John Adam’s and Benjamin Franklin’s sons suffered from not having their father’s time and love more present. It must be so difficult for Tommy and his wife to meet family needs and lead this fight. Tommy’s family deserve our thanks as much as he does.

  3. I have only become aware of Tommy’s story in the past week (it’s 7-21-16 today). I have read, listened, and watched everything I can about his story as well as many other warning voices from Pam Geller to Bill Warner to Mosab Hassan Yosef to Briggitt (?) and more. There is an evil spreading quickly over the world; it’s called Islam and Sharia. I have been wondering what can I do. I do not want to be like a peaceful German who didn’t agree with Nazis, but said and did nothing! We must all do more. I’ve donated to Tommy for future harassment from his enemy-state. May the best of God’s angels protect him and his family. I believe heaven must be rejoicing in his courage to fight evil so openly. I consider all of those speaking out to be like unto those who fought tyranny in the past. I donated on Elsa’s sight. I am American. I am Christian. I am for freedom and peace, but not peace at the strangling of freedom. God Bless the majority who have been silent for too long! Speak up for freedom.

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