I Knew You’d Be There

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rfWritten by Jamie Glazov and reprinted from Liberty Island.



I knew you’d be there.

When the promises of those
Who promised, were never really promised at all.

When they sealed the appointment,
And I stood


But you were always there.

When I wasn’t sure
Who’d be there.

When they swore they told the truth,
but lies were the theme of the night.
When they said they had sent it,
but the envelope never came.

In my disappointment,
I still made an appointment.

With you.

At the park
at 4pm.

As I headed there.
I knew
You’d be there.

As you always are.


And you were there.
At 4pm.
On the dot.

And our communication continues.

Healing the wounds of a punctured


Thank you.

But I have to keep my end of the bargain.

I know you’ll be there.


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