Free Shima Babai!

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shaOn May 25, 2016, Iranian officials arrested Iranian Civil Rights Activist Shima Babai in a a raid they conducted on  her father’s house. They seized her personal belongings, including books, hand writings and cell phones.

Shima, 21, has reportedly been taken to the notorious Ward 2-A of Evin prison, where torture and rape  is on the 24-hour-menu of the vicious and sadistic Islamic prison guards.

Please do your share in helping to bring pressure upon the Islamic Republic of Iran to release Shima Babai — and spread the word.


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4 thoughts on “Free Shima Babai!”

  1. It is common sense and should be obvious that God did not give human beings free will for it to be taken away by other controlling human beings. There is something very wrong when a religion forbid you to use your intellect and ask questions. God wants volunteers not people who act as they do out of fear.

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