Nonie Darwish Moment: Why Moderate Muslims Can’t Destroy ISIS

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This special edition of The Glazov Gang presents The Nonie Darwish Moment with Nonie Darwish, the author of The Devil We Don’t Know.

Nonie focuses on Why Moderate Muslims Can’t Destroy ISIS, explaining how it is connected to why Obama acts like a defense attorney for Islam.

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And make sure to watch Nonie discuss: Why is Obama Defending Islam at Any Cost?, revealing the true reason the Radical-in-Chief positions Muslims as victims in every speech on terror:

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7 thoughts on “Nonie Darwish Moment: Why Moderate Muslims Can’t Destroy ISIS”

  1. Moderate and radical…
    These are both terms that have no applicable use in regards to those who willingly submit themselves to this false religion. islam is islam and it’s followers adhere to the same doctrine, those who wish to make any distinctions must realize the dualistic nature of islam and understand that they ( muslims ) represent two sides of the same coin, both equally blasphemous and unrighteous. Daniel Greenfield was pretty accurate when he spoke about the caliphate curve and regardless of what may be said otherwise, the end goal is in fact the same. It is every muslims obligation to wage jihad to advance the cause of their false religion. Be it the likes of isis and the other groups as such, leaving a bloody trail of death and destruction in their wake or that of the muslim brotherhood’s “grand jihad” to destroy western civilization from within through social, economic and political means, which would, if successful, inevitably result in the subjugation, torture, murder, rape and enslavement of those who do not submit, as per islamic doctrine. Jesus Christ is Lord and islam and all evil will be crushed, but there will be much persecution in these last days.
    Let us pray for Israel, for our brothers and sisters in Christ, and for those who’s souls are lost.
    Christ is risen ~
    He is with us

  2. To me, the problem across the board is what’s actually written in their authoritative texts. How can one “reform” or be “moderate” when they will constantly be handed out, at the least, the equivalent of tickets for non-adherence or, at the worst, be totally ostracized or even killed? Then there’s the battling within oneself: Am I faithful enough? How am I perceived by my peers? How am I perceived by the people carrying the whips or swords to enforce adherence?

    Contrast that with what happened in the so-called Christian realm. Translations to the actual languages that people wrote and spoke, the printing press, and masses finding out what’s actually in the authoritative texts extant for over 1,00 years. The number of denominations greatly expanded and the expansion is still going on with even small store front “churches” in strip malls. Meanwhile, the authority and reach of the one universal “church” dissipated.

    In Islam, it seems the struggle is to re-centralize authority and enforce scriptural purity in behavior. Work is required to be worthy of their “god” and enter paradise (even though the work may be episodic with the wearing of a suicide vest by people who haven’t even really lived yet to know better).

    Sorry, I like one of the other “Great Religions” which says to me: The next step is for you to be like me, your Father. But this change is a gift. You’re not God, you’re just a child now. You need to rest, lie down, and eschew those who say you get in my family — become a Spirit — by work. And part of that is having mercy on those that aren’t either and quit being, nature-aly contentious. But perhaps after we’ve made a sincere effort to turn both cheeks, to figuratively lie down for an instant, the time comes to swing into action and fight the striker, the wickedness, the evil and call it for what it is: Wrong and anti-human on so many levels.

  3. Nonie Darwish is a very intelligent and very courageous person. Please continue to be very strong and please do not give up the hope of the future. Continue the fight for peoples’ freedom.

  4. Dear Jamie,
    Suggestion: when the video is a “Moment” by someone, the intro music should not last 30 seconds. As you know, many people today are too busy. 5 or 10 seconds of intro music would be appropriate to these “Moment” episodes.
    Thank you for your great courage, intelligence, and warm spirit.

    1. I didn’t notice a long intro, so I went back and looked. I didn’t see a problem. There is more of a problem with Obama. Don’t you see that Eduardo?

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