The Leftist-Islamic Alliance Exposed — on The Glazov Gang

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Dear Fans of The Glazov Gang,

We are ecstatic to announce our 500th Episode Celebration and we are immensely grateful to all of our fans for their help in keeping the show going — since the Glazov Gang is a fan-generated program and could not exist without you.


To mark this special anniversary we are running the highlights of our episodes that dealt with our main focus, that our government and media won’t dare discuss: the truth about the Left and its alliance with Islamic Jihad.

Don’t miss it!

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Now is the moment to help the program that boldly tells the truth about the dire threats we face from a totalitarian ideology and the forces at home that are enabling it.

Thank you, our dear fans, for your continued support.

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And make sure you haven’t missed our BLOCKBUSTER episode: Whistleblower Reveals How Obama Facilitated San Bernardino Jihadist Attack, in which Former Homeland Security Officer Philip Haney shared how his DHS program would most likely have prevented the California massacre — if the administration hadn’t shut it down.

This is the kind of programming that can’t be found in our mainstream media, and that your support makes possible.

Thank you!

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One thought on “The Leftist-Islamic Alliance Exposed — on The Glazov Gang”

  1. Our future.
    Islam is taking over the EU and England. I figure 5 or 10 years is all they have before it happens. All European women will be turn into Islamic sex slaves. Starting with 9-year-old girls.

    I imagine there will be many European women and young girls refugees seeking a safe place to go to. But where will they go?

    There are resistance groups that might fight back with guerilla tactics.

    The only country that is close enough to help them is Israel.

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