Why Black Lives Don’t Really Matter to the Left — on The Glazov Gang

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This special edition of The Glazov Gang was joined by Dr. Bruce Thornton, a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center and a columnist for Frontpagemag.com.

Dr. Thornton discussed Why Black Lives Don’t Really Matter to the Leftunveiling a movement founded on lies and moral idiocy.

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And make sure to watch the special edition of The Glazov Gang that was joined by BattleCat, a pro-American activist whose videos can be seen on her YouTube Channel BattleCat Avenger.

BattleCat came on the show to discuss Obama’s Islamic and Racist Agenda. She called out the Radical-in-Chief on the malice behind his efforts to flood the U.S. with Muslim refugees without any screening, to pour fuel on the fire of racial tensions, and to aid and abet the myriad enemies of American freedom and security.

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3 thoughts on “Why Black Lives Don’t Really Matter to the Left — on The Glazov Gang”

  1. BattleCat tells it like it is. She has clarity in her thoughts and is articulate in stating her opinions. I happen to feel much the same as she does about American politics and the contempt that Obama has for all Americans of any colour. He is too extreme in his world view and I felt right from the start that he was contriving and manipulative. Thank God his term is almost done.

    1. My favorite part of BattleCat’s remarks, which I agreed with 100%, was the last minute and a half where she said we can’t fight this evil agenda (my words, her sentiment) without God’s intervention. I would assert that the free world (as it use to be politically correctly called) was more obedient and reverent towards Him than we are today. We are feeling the lack of His protection because as Christian-Judeao nations we turned our back on Him. The good news for us is He forgives quickly when we sincerely repent. The sooner the majority can see the connection between our dependence on His intervention the sooner our brains won’t be fogged up by the lies from Obama, whoever replaces him, and the corrupt leftist media.

  2. BTW, I was afraid that both Hillary and Trump were bought off by the same groups. He has already started to back off the complete ban on Muslim immigrants. Watch as by the time he takes office, if he does, his policies towards Muslims don’t look more like Hillary’s. Both parties are corrupt. If true conservatives could ever ban together and vote Constitution party, our country would truly be on the track towards liberty and freedom. I am afraid that both our top candidates are unwilling to put doing the right thing ahead of taking an easy path to power.

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